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This is a transcript for dialogue with Penelope Hornwright.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0059F791 0059F792 Hmmm..
2 0059F794 Hhhmm.
3 0059F795 Hmmm...ehh.
4 0059F797 Ehhh...
5 0059F798 Huh.
6 0059F79A Huh...
7 0059F79B Huh!
8 0059F79D Huh..
9 0059F79E Huhh..
10 0059F79F Hnngh.
11 0059F7A0 Hmmm.
12 0059F7A2 Eghh..
13 0059F7A3 Hnh.
14 005A2B79 0059F793 Ohhh.
15 0059F796 Ooh...
16 0059F799 Oh!
17 0059F7A6 Huh..?
18 005A2B7A 0059F79C Hah!
19 0059F7A1 Hmm!
20 0059F7A4 Hngh!
21 0059F7A5 Ehh..?
22 0059F7A7 Hehh..!
23 0059F7A8 Hnh!


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0040C22F 0040C247 Huh. Well, if your new society will allow ghouls like me to join, then I'll help.
2 Otherwise you can beat it. I've seen plenty of folks try to save the world since things went to hell, and all of them had their problems. Disillusioned, bitter
3 0040C230 0040C24B Hmm, well, I'll need a Pip-Boy for a mobile terminal. Not yours, don't worry. I'll need a full construction kit so I can add some extra circuitry.
4 Also, I'll need something I consulted on years ago. A circuitry schematic that could've changed everything, if we hadn't blown ourselves up.
5 0040C238 0040C248 There are plenty of government facilities in Appalachia. More if you head north. What's so special about this one?
6 0040C239 0040C245 I don't understand. What do they want with a vault? I saw Foundation on my way back into Appalachia. They look pretty comfortable there.
7 0040C23F 0040E454 Didn't you hear her say my name? I'm Penny Hornwright. This used to be my home a long, long time ago. Maybe you should introduce yourself now, huh?
8 0040C242 0040C246 Oh, really? What exactly do you need the Motherlode's help with?
9 And as an aside, robots don't have "friends" and don't need to be "convinced" to do things. If you want them to do something, you need to reprogram them. not quite facepalming, but are they serious?
10 0040C244 0040E460 Well, that was exciting, to say the least. So. Secondary user, eh? Who the hell are you and what kind of changes is she talking about? dryly
11 0040E462 What is it, questions about the Pip-Boy parts?
12 0040FC07 Ah, you're back! I've been busy working on the Motherlode's voice interface. Have those parts for me yet?
13 0040FC08 Need something?
14 0040FC0E Thanks! I'll take those parts, if you don't mind.
17 0054972E Hmm?
18 0059044E Thank you for bringing me the schematic and kit, but there's some bad news I'm afraid.
19 0059044F Well, once I get those parts in then she should be ready to go. I'll head to Foundation afterward.
20 0040E40E 0040E447 Please. I'll wear a gas mask and head straight to whomever's in charge. Let them know that you're to blame for my presence.
21 0040E412 0040E468 *sighs loudly* Good gracious. She's full of dad jokes. Alright, I'll add full conversational protocols to the list. muttering to yourself mostly, tired because it was a bad joke
23 0040E414 0040E458 Great. Thanks.
25 0040E416 0040E456 Well, you're one hell of a stray dog, but yes. I'll accept.
27 0040E418 0040E448 No, father-Daniel has been gone for a long time. you've come to terms with it mostly, been years now
29 0040E41A 0040E465 Of course! You mustn't have a built-in device... I guess Daniel decided you didn't need a voice unless you were speaking to him. Typical. well obviously, then kinda 'that figures, what a jerk' - Daniel is your father
34 0040E424 0040E459 I'll be here working on her conversational skills, if you need anything else.
35 0040E425 0040E441 Salvaging. Eyebots are basically just flying sensor modules, and the altimeter could be salvaged from that ridiculous plane father hung upstairs.
36 I'm not sure about finding an interpolator, but I saw a robot that had a human brain attached to it near RobCo.
37 I would bet that unethical monstrosity has some serious interpolation needs.
38 0040E426 0040E44D Well, her data processing is extremely slow. Maybe it's not actually broken, but it certainly doesn't work. She'll need a better interpolator.
39 She also needs a new sensor module and altimeter for sure. Something's corroded the contacts pretty badly on both of those.
40 0040E427 0040E451 Well, she's able to speak but she wasn't made for it. Normal conversations are probably a ways off for now.
42 0040E42C 0040E45F Next? No, she'll be ready once I finish putting those parts in... near as I can get her on short notice, anyway!
43 0040E42E 0040E466 Lovely. I had a chance to crack her open while you were gone. It's not good news, I'm afraid.
47 00549714 00549725 Oh, clever! It never would've occurred to me to dissolve the corrosion with a common house cleaner.
48 It'll probably work for the altimeter, but Motherlode's sensor module is just too far gone. It still needs a replacement.
49 00549716 0054972A Oh! You know what, there is an eyebot upstairs that I was tinkering on... must have been thirty years ago now. Maybe it's still there?
50 00549718 00549724 That's a bit on the nose, but so is "ghoul" and "radroach" so... whatever works.
51 I simply can't imagine what kind of terrible person would do that to someone else. All the ones I ran into out there were completely homicidal.
52 0054971A 00549729 A doctoral candidate named Aaliyah was heading development on it, before the war. Brilliant stuff.
53 With any luck, she's in a vault right now, but I'd suggest taking a look around her old home in Summersville. She never used her office on campus.
54 0054971E 00549728 Ignoring the fact that you'd almost certainly insist on wearing it afterward-it's experimental. It could ruin the unit entirely.
55 Also, the changes I need to make would strip out some regular functionality that you probably use, like health monitoring and so on.
56 00549721 00549727 Okay, let's try your integrated voice module again. Can you say something, Motherlode?
59 0054B14F 0054B152 Yes... sure he is... and I'm a zombie.
60 0054B150 0054B154 Are you kidding? That's a total conspiracy theory! You might as well throw in the Mothman for good measure.
61 0054B31F 0054B322 Yes, because the alternative's been so kind to me. Look, nobody's having a good time anymore. It's literally the end of the world.
62 0054DD00 0054DD17 Well, I didn't learn it at college, I can tell you that much. It was always a hobby of mine before the war. Nowadays it's how I stay alive.
63 A robot is always going to be a better shot than I am, and it's no great tragedy if they break down. You can usually repair them.
64 0054DD02 0054DD12 Really? I don't need gold. I mean, it's not like pocket watches are even in style anymore. Maybe for circuitry, but eh...
65 Look, I'm not saying money is useless. It's not! I just personally don't care much about it.
66 0054DD04 0054DD18 I bet there's at least one in a forgotten corner of Vault-Tec University. Sorry for not being able to be more specific, though.
67 0054DD06 0054DD13 More than anything. You have no idea how long I've been alone out here... so tell me, how do we do this?
68 0054DD08 0054DD19 Lovely. Beats only having blasted robots to talk to-no offense, Motherlode. So, what's the plan?
69 0054DD0A 0054DD14 No, I just saw it from a distance. I never want to assume that I'll be welcome. Good way to get shot at, trust me.
70 0054DD0C 0054DD1A Really? A gigantic drilling robot just burst out of the ground, but I'm terrifying? Please.
71 0054DD0E 0054DD15 Wait, how is it that you can speak now? You didn't say anything when I came across you earlier, out in the wild. You know, you're quite terrifying! this is said as an offhand addition to her statement, matter of fact, "You know, you're quite terrifying!"
72 0054DD0F 0054DD16 Motherlode? Oh. Of course, I see! This must be some sort of failsafe directive now that I'm back in this area... how fascinating! repeating Motherlode to herself, then a sorta facepalm of OH! DUH
74 0054EE3E 0054EE3F Because I'm a sentient human being. Obviously more empathetic than most... I didn't need anyone to explain that humans should be treated humanely. humanely with emphasis to explain that it applies to all humans, duh
75 00553C7E 00553C7F Is that all? I assume from that Pip-Boy on your wrist that you're from one yourself. Feeling homesick?
76 0055C589 0055C59E Breach procedure?!
78 0055C58B 0055C59F What now? This saferoom is a lot less safe than I expected!
79 0055C58C 0055C59D No, I can't. I'm not exactly a fighter, if it wasn't entirely obvious.
80 0055C58E 0055C5A5 Well, it shouldn't take long at all to get the new guidance interface set up.
81 However, while I was in there setting up her vocal system, I saw a lot of damage. I think she's going to need some new parts just to be safe.
82 0055C590 0055C5A3 I'll install an untethered communication setup while you're gone. That way we can talk to her whenever and wherever we want, like any other bot.
83 0055C592 0055C59C Do I look particularly dangerous? It's the pocket protector, isn't it? I knew it.
84 0055C594 0055C5A2 Oh, okay. Is that all? You want help to weaponize her? Forget about it.
86 0055C597 0055C5A0 Primary transponder signal not found. Senior Executive Daniel Hornwright not found. Failsafe procedure initiated.
94 005872EC 005872FB Ah, noted? Once I get those parts installed, she'll be ready. Near as I can get her on short notice, anyway. You don't appreciate the hostility, you're just doing the job they asked for
95 005872ED 005872FC Hmm, alright. I'll be here working on her conversational skills, if you need anything else.
96 005872EE 005872F7 Oh? What's that?
97 005872EF 00587300 I need a sensor module, an interpolator, and an altimeter. Was that sufficiently expedient for you? sometimes you wonder if the lord is testing you
100 005872F1 005872FE No. It would very nearly double in size from the components. Perhaps you want to have a gigantic club on the end of your arm though, who am I to judge?
102 005872F3 005872FA I'll install an untethered communication setup while you're gone. That way we can talk to her whenever and wherever we want, like any other bot. Same line as 0055C5A3_1
103 005872F4 00587304 Of course you do... well?
104 005872F5 005872FD Sorry, how am I supposed to help you with your vision if you can't articulate it? I'm afraid that's going to be a no, darling. poised. amused, a bit condescending
105 005872F6 00587302 Oh my, you were serious, weren't you? I'm afraid I don't have time to explain this right now. Perhaps later? pitying almost
109 0058BD65 0058BD6E It's where I was originally heading... before the Motherlode started emerging. It was almost like she was herding me here.
110 I was worried she'd spook the settlers there if she popped up... or spook them more than I might on my own.
111 Other folks have chased me off before. I could say that doesn't bother me, but it eats you away inside to lose all contact with others.
112 0058BD69 0058BD6D Mhm! I'll head there... presently. Just need to grab a thing or two before I leave... go over the debug stack from the part install too...
113 So don't worry about checking back in right away. I'm fairly hopeful she won't have exploded. Hmm... reasonably sure she won't. sending someone off, kind of get lost in your thoughts along the way though
116 005A2B7B 005A2B84 Breach procedure?!
118 005A2B7D 005A2B85 What now? This saferoom is a lot less safe than I expected!


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
27 0041B727 0041B749 No, no, no. I don't care about-I mean, you're looking for... spy gadgets?
28 That's like a dream project! Can I see everything when you get back?
30 0041B729 0041B751 Are you saying what I think you're saying?
32 0041B72B 0041B758 Hmm... Oh! Seventh hole on the golf course, maybe?
33 Wait, you don't... do you?
36 0041B72D 0041B75A Found it! The part in the brackets says: BAI2 QUAN2YUAN2 and then the number 7. Reading outloud the letters/numbers and say "space" between them, like reading a password aloud
37 I'm afraid that's all Chinese to me. As in... it's actually Chinese... to everyone.
39 0041B72F 0041B753 These logs look encoded, but like nothing I've seen before... I see the numerical headers you mentioned, though!
41 0041B731 0041B760 Oh, no. There's no room for that! Though knowing her, she may yet try to make an appearance... So, do you want the logs from this robot?
81 005600C7 005600C9 Oh, you're quite welcome.
92 005642F1 00564306 I'm telling you that I'm not. Are you exactly like your parents?
96 005642F9 0056430B To find the tech if it's nearby still and not shoot at anyone along the way. Maybe if you take it to the seventh hole it'll pick up the signal again?
97 I'll get the lab ready for when you get back! Be safe out there, you two!
100 005642FB 005A2B7F Ah, hello again! Put that robot on my workbench, will you? Just noticing a friend arrive in the middle of talking to someone else
116 00575B41 00575B52 Hey, Penny here. Looks like your little robot buddy blew up!
117 Oh well. You must've really given it a good konk when you found it. Usually these little guys stick their landings a lot better.
118 Jen's already out the door, but it'll probably take her a little while to make it over to you there, where ever you are. Somewhere below the green.
119 You should look around. Never know what you mind find. Bring back a souvenir for your best buddy Penny, won't you?
190 00590A31 005642FD Ah, hello again! Put that robot on my workbench, will you? Just noticing a friend arrive in the middle of talking to someone else
191 00583E74 Thanks. This will just take a minute. I can't believe that anything she's going to say will make up for abandoning her family.
192 0059C269 This is a listening post. Our mission is complicated to explain... unless you know what's going on next door. I will tell you more later, if you let me live.
193 0059C26A Orders, and a lifetime of being shaped to think and be what they wanted. I didn't question it because I didn't know there were other ways to be, to think.
194 We were lied to, but people here were also lied to. Once I could see the puppeteers, I wanted nothing to do with any of it. I fled.
195 0059C26B Yes. I was trained from childhood to do this job. It's all I knew, I never chose any of this. It was either follow orders or die.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0040E01F 0040E023 Hi everyone. Small situation. Those... well-dressed people from the Crater are here. They say hello. being held at gunpoint by the Raiders
2 According to the one who is currently shoving a 10mm in my face... His name is "Hijack." Lovely. They want the Vault Dweller to come alone, or they are going to kill me.
3 I guess that's it. We'll just be here. Waiting.
11 0040F518 0040F556 Looking good across the board! She's ready. Meet back with the others at Vault 79? player fixes the Motherlode while you check the diagnostics
12 0040F519 0040F547 Okay. We just need to install it. The repair-and-patch wrapper will do most of the work. I'll be checking Motherlode's status remotely. player picks up the finished Intelligence module
13 0040F51A 0040F555 Settings are all over the place. Nothing's winning out, so everything is normalizing. Looks like Motherlode will be how we remember her. analyzing the test results
14 0040F51B 0040F53A Settings are now set for maximum empathy. I... don't know what that means for a drilling machine. I hope you're happy. analyzing the test results
16 0040F51D 0040F53B Showing peak aggression. Far from the default settings, but maybe that's not a bad thing. We are breaking into the Vault, after all. analyzing the test results
17 0040F51E 0040F551 Hop in the scanner. Let's see the results. finished the Motherlode test
18 0040F51F 0040F545 Wait. What? They made that an option? Why would anyone? I can't.. Ugh. Motherlode programming test - player talks to the fake wall and it comes down
19 0040F520 0040F55B Okay. Stopping to think before drilling. That's Motherlode's default behavior. That's a good thing. Motherlode programming test - player pushes the fake wall down
20 0040F521 0040F54D Okay. Aggression. The scan will pick that up. Make the Motherlode a little feistier. Motherlode programming test - player hits the fake wall as hard as he can
21 0040F522 0040F548 Simple goal. Get to the other side. The real test is how you handle the walls. Whatever you do alters the module's programming. you and the player enter the programming test room
22 0040F523 0040F559 If you want to look like a complete idiot, then I don't see why not. Not amused
23 But if you're ready to get Motherlode up and running, then how about we focus on that, instead? Impatient
24 0040F524 0040F540 The entrance to The Cave is down the stairs.
25 0040F525 0040F557 Given sophisticated-enough software - which this is - that organic process can be emulated. Proud
26 And believe me when I tell you, no small amount of money and man-hours went into making that happen. Proud
27 Now, shall we get started?
28 0040F526 0040F542 Probably because those names are ridiculous, but that's really just a blind guess. Snarky, since the player just said something dumb
29 0040F527 0040F558 Okay. Common question. Been a while since I've had to explain.
30 Imagine you're programming a mathematical module for intelligent behavior, and you say to yourself: "hey, why do the math when the human brain does all that on its own?"
31 Build a cave. Have a person navigate through it. Have them break down some fake walls to simulate drilling. Then do a scan at the other end.
32 0040F528 0040F550 In the simplest possible terms. yes. Thankfully, we've got just the tool we need to program the module. Ready for a visit to The Cave? Feeling confident & good about things. This plan might just work.
33 0040F529 0040F553 Well, we'll need to go through The Cave.
34 0040F52A 0040F54A That's right. The good news is, we have everything we need right here to make that happen. We have The Cave. Feeling confident & good about things. This plan might just work.
35 0040F52B 0040F541 You know that big space station they're living in at The Crater? I heard they were able to fix up the communications systems.
36 If so, they'd be able to listen in on a lot of local radio traffic. Maybe they picked up something over the airwaves.
37 Anyway, it doesn't matter now. We've still got a problem to solve.
38 0040F52C 0040F55E Yeah, I'm okay. Thanks for asking. Taking a breath, checkiing yourself, recovering from a scary episode. Grateful for the player's timely intervention.
39 If you hadn't shown up when you did, it might be a different story. Those raiders were getting impatient. Still a bit scared from what just happened, but things are better now. Whew!
40 0040F52D 0040F554 The entire repair payload system was designed for maintenance. Wear and tear considerations. Deliberate sabotage? Trickier.
41 We could do a custom payload. A re-engineered artificial intelligence module, with a repair-and-patch wrapped around it to handle installation.
42 0040F52E 0040F55A Interesting suggestion, but I have my doubts that would work. The module is a very sophisticated piece of technology.
43 We'd risk losing some key functionality in the process. Impressed by the ingenuity, but still skeptical.
44 0040F52F 0040F54B But. The Motherlode. They just kept... hitting her with bats and furniture. Furniture! Her navigation and decision-making module is completely shattered.
83 005752D0 005752D1 I'll get the doors open.
87 0058F93B 0058F93F Thank goodness that's over! Huge relief, a lethal gunfight that was swirling all around you has just ended and now you're safe.
88 0058F93C 0058F93E No! Crying out in fear as a gunfight erupts around you. You're in mortal danger.
107 0058F93D 0058F9CB Let's get the Motherlode repaired and be on our way. Anxious
108 0058F9CC I just want to get the hell out of here before more Raiders show up. Anxious
109 0058F9CD You've got what you need to repair the Motherlode. No time like the present., right? Anxious
110 0058F9CE Just one last thing to do. Get the Motherlode back in action. Anxious
111 0058F9D0 Like rats in a maze... A little apprehensive. You don't like to be the subject of experiments.
112 0058F9D1 All things being equal, I'd rather be performing the experiment than a subject of it. A little apprehensive. You don't like to be the subject of experiments.
113 0058F9D2 There had to be a simpler way to program the Motherlode's AI. This is really just overkill. A little apprehensive. You don't like to be the subject of experiments.
114 0058F9D3 How much do you want to bet this whole maze was built to justify a budget increase? Sarcastic
115 0058FAD8 Thanks again for coming to my rescue. relieved, grateful
116 0058FAD9 Raiders really stink, you know that? I mean, literally. They smell awful. Annoyed
117 0058FADA If I never see one of those Raiders again, it'll still be too soon. Annoyed, but relieved
118 0058FADB The Motherlode really took a beating. Worried
126 0058FAD6 0058FADC Repair complete. Systems nominal. Thank you, user.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0041CB70 0041CB84 Just get in the tunnel.
5 0041CB73 0055DE47 I'm sure it's just a temporary anomaly.
15 0041CB77 0041CB88 Motherlode is safely ahead of us. Wait... something is odd here. operating the Motherlode remotely
21 0041CB7C 00586E5A This is no place for me.
31 0041FF25 0041FF56 Motherlode's systems are red-lining. matter of fact
35 0041FF30 0041FF41 No. She wants to talk to us. Maybe the Vault Dweller should have a word with her?
40 0041FF35 0041FF3C Such strange creatures. Always digging.
41 0041FF36 0041FF4D I never like putting faith in a man whose first instinct is to break everything he sees.
45 0041FF3A 0041FF45 According to Paige, the wall reinforcements thin out deeper into the mountain. Motherlode knows the way.
61 00424438 00424468 I've never seen turrets this powerful. We can't hold out for long. shouting; laser turrets are opening fire
66 00424440 00424464 The laser grid is off! cheering on Jen, who just finished flipping through the grid
70 0042444D 00424465 This is clearly a dangerous operation from this point on.
71 I'm an engineer, not a soldier. It's time I headed back to Foundation.
74 0042445B 00424460 This can't be good. shouting; in combat
78 0055DE45 0055DE48 Looks like Motherlode's digging may have collapsed it. They're only way out was through us.
84 0055F1B6 0055F1BE I'm not a fan of guns, but I'm glad to have one in here.
85 0055F1BF I'm monitoring Motherlode as we speak.
86 0055F1C0 So far, so good.
92 00586E57 I need to talk to you.
98 00562146 0056214E She's offline... and likely beyond repair.
106 00570D58 00570D63 Hey, I got you this far. You should be grateful. angry
107 I'm leaving before I do something I'll regret.
108 00570D59 00570D60 I appreciate that, but Foundation needs me more. You'll have to make do without me.
109 00570D5A 00570D61 I'll give Paige a status update when I get back. Good luck to all of you.
112 00586E54 00586E58 Only a fool wouldn't be nervous in here.
119 00590B7B 00590B7C We need to talk.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
5 00570D5E 0042AFD1 I'm still getting settled in but I think I have almost all my necessary lab equipment available here now.
21 005554DC You can never have too many spare parts.
22 005554DD Maybe if I swap them... I'm sorry. What were you saying?
23 005554DE I wish I could get my own Sunny to help down here. Actually, nevermind. Sunny was personality-cloned without failsafes. musing offhand
24 005554DF Damn raiders. They're always breaking stuff. Then I have to fix it.
25 005554E0 Hmm, I wonder if the scavengers are back with any new scrap.
26 005554E1 I don't miss the way things used to be, before the war. It wasn't as idyllic as the advertisements tried to make it out to be. offhand musing
27 005554E2 Not sure I'd be here, if you hadn't come along. Thanks.
77 00585738 I wonder if I could go snag a few robots from Watoga to reprogram. Hmm.
98 00570D5F 00590292 I have important work to do. Can this wait?
99 00590293 I asked not to be interrupted. I hope this is important.
100 00590294 I have a few minutes while that machine powers up. What do you need?
155 00590289 0059028F Aubrie? I suppose he's qualified. He doesn't seem particularly comfortable around me. matter of fact
156 0059028B 00590295 Well, not long after things really went to hell, I ran across a Vault with a faulty door. It was perfectly fine inside, but the door mechanism was shot. calm, matter of fact
157 I negotiated with those inside and they agreed to take my family in if I could close it. Closing it could only be done from the outside and would result in lethal radiation. calm, matter of fact
158 Imagine my surprise to end up like this! It has definite advantages though. Sometimes. I miss my nose, though. calm, matter of fact
159 0059028D 00590290 Oh, did the lab coat give it away?
160 Before the war I was an industrialist, which I guess is just a fancy way of saying I did a lot of paperwork.
161 When everything went up in flames, I did whatever I could to survive. I'm sure you know a lot about how that can be like, so I won't bore you.
162 It's fantastic to simply be in a lab coat again, worrying about air and water purifiers. Worrying about making things better for people in Appalachia.
165 0059BC76 0042AFD2 So much to fix, so little time.
170 0059E0D1 0059E0ED Good! I just traded someone for the same brand of socks I used to wear before the war. You know, the good kind with a gold stripe on the toe.
171 0059E0EE Oh, I can't complain. Well, I can ... but what would be the point? This algorithm isn't going to write itself.
172 0059E0EF I'm doing well, though I woke up to quite a racket this morning. At first I thought it was the motherlode, but it was just someone jackhammering ... something. nostalgic but annoyed
173 0059E0F0 I'm alright. Better, now that I see you're here. We've had reports of hostiles in the area.
174 0059E0F1 Today's been lovely. Thanks for asking. Neutral tone so it could be interpreted as serious or sarcastic
175 0059E0F2 Oh, I've just been catching up with Mochou. We have a lot in common, despite our differences. Moe-Ch-oh
176 0059E0D2 0059E0E9 Oh, you know. Whatever they need around here, really. I'd eventually like to try my hand at reproducing those spy gadgets that Jen showed me.
177 0059E0D3 0059E0E2 I'm afraid I don't have much of an opinion. Radcliff in particular seems to be avoiding me, but I don't particularly care as long as he keeps his opinions and jokes to himself.
178 0059E0D4 0059E0E1 She's a tricky one to figure out, isn't she? I rather like her for that. Too many people are too straight-forward around here.


(Paige's journal, entry 2)

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
38 005856ED 005856F8 Most communities have a shoot first policy, because of the ferals. As you can see, some of us do retain our essential personhood despite the physical changes.
39 I was exposed to a large dose of radiation. I negotiated entry for my child in exchange for fixing a Vault's door. telling a story
40 I knew I was going to get stuck outside, that I'd get dosed. I was the only one who could fix it, though. That was a long time ago. My daughter's nearly twenty now.
41 Oh! Would it be alright if we got back to this later? My experiment timer is about to go off. Just remembered something important, story time is over! Science!
43 005856EF 005856F6 *laughs* I still use it, your farmers will appreciate the soil sample tests that I'm working on.
44 But yes, mostly these days, I work with robots. I'm not an expert by pre-war standards, but around here I'm like Merlin.
46 005856F1 00585724 Yes, a geochemist.
48 005856F3 00585713 Sure. I was born before the war, around here. My father was something of a well known industrialist.