Pearl's barracks is a building within Nellis Air Force Base.


The barracks are the personal quarters of Pearl, the leader of the Boomers. The Courier is immediately brought to the barracks to speak with Pearl after advancing through the artillery fire to the Nellis main gate if the guards are spoken to peacefully.


The building consists of a main room with lockers and bookcases, Pearl's bedroom, and a bathroom in the back corner. The sink and toilet found in the bathroom provide fresh water with no risk of radiation poisoning.

Notable loot

All items in the building are flagged as owned. Taking anything will result in a loss of Karma and possible Boomer infamy.

  • A copy of Duck and Cover! is on the middle book shelf against the southwest wall hidden amongst several generic books.
  • Col. Blackwell's key is in the right-hand filing cabinet against the southwest wall. The key can be used to unlock the weapons chest in the Vault 34 armory containing the pulse gun. Without the key, a Lockpick skill of 100 is required to obtain the unique weapon.
  • The inventory transfer order note related to the pulse gun is also inside the right-hand filing cabinet.
  • A unique version of the head wrap can be found in the left bathroom locker of Pearl's barracks. Although the Pip-Boy identifies it as a regular head wrap, it differs from the regular version for having a faded green and red pattern on an ochre background.

Related quests


Despite this building's name, Pearl sleeps in the women's barracks.


Pearl's barracks appear only in Fallout: New Vegas.


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