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The Paul Revere House is an unmarked location in the North End of Boston in 2287.


Outside the building is a pre-War plaque and a Freedom Trail marker. The location is the seventh stop on the Freedom Trail, with the code "8:D." The small courtyard outside is occupied by one super mutant and two mutant hounds.

The house has two doorway entrances and a collapsed southern wall, and includes two partially destroyed floors. The first floor contains a dining table with a lamp, while the second floor contains a desk and a ruined bed.


Built in 1680, this wooden building is the oldest structure in all of Boston. In 1770 this home was bought by famed patriot Paul Revere. Paul Revere dwelled here with his family (including his 16 children) until 1800. Paul Revere was living here when he made his famous midnight ride to Lexington and Concord to warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock that Redcoats were en route to arrest them and seize the militia weaponry.

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The Paul Revere House appears only in Fallout 4.