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I can't believe you'd do this to me, Cooke. You smug bastard. You keep away from my wife, godammit!

Paul Pembroke is a man living in Diamond City in 2287.


Paul Pembroke was once a robber 20 years ago who took part in a massive heist together with Malcom Latimer and Henry Cooke on Marowski's chem warehouse.[1] Despite Marowski putting up a huge bounty on the perpetrators of the heist, he never knew who they were.[2] Darcy Pembroke, attracted by Paul's newfound wealth from his share of the heist (which she is unaware of), eventually married him.[3] Together they have a son named Pete Pembroke. However, a series of bad decisions made by Paul over the years eventually caused him to lose most of his wealth.[4] Darcy, having grown tired of Paul, cheats on him with Henry Cooke.[5]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character starts quests.

Effects of player's actions

  • After helping him resolve the issue with Cooke the bartender and ripping off the drug deal, if Paul helps out in the drug heist and one chooses to share the haul with him "50-50," Paul will be the boss of Colonial Taphouse when Cooke leaves town (or dies). He will also start wearing a completely different set of clothing upon returning to Diamond City. In this case, he begins to sell alcohol, and large quantities of chems, in the Taphouse.
  • Not protecting Paul during the armed showdown with Trish and her goons in Diamond City Blues may result in his death.
  • On the other hand, if the Sole Survivor chooses not to share the haul with Paul 50-50, he will treat the player character with great disdain for the rest of the game. He will later tell Colette, Cooke's daughter that the player character killed Cooke (even if Cooke is still alive) after they talk to her and wait for some time.
  • If the player character can then pass a Charisma check with Colette, she will kill Paul off-screen. Some residents will comment on this event saying "You hear about Paul Pembroke? Apparently some woman just showed up and shot him dead. Crazy world, huh?"
  • The "50-50" deal gives Paul the chems, which are worth much more than what the Sole Survivor gets from Nelson's body. Even at Level 0 Charisma, the total of 240 chems found in the crates are worth in excess of 4,500 caps, while the money on Nelson is only around 800 caps. Paul claims this is fair because he has to pay a cut to Mayor McDonough to sell the chems.
    • However, if Nelson is left alive and escapes, agreeing on a 50-50 deal will evenly split the chems between Paul and the Sole Survivor.
    • After agreeing on a 50-50 deal, it is possible to steal Paul's share of the chems from the crates. As long as the Sole Survivor isn't caught doing so, they can steal as many as they want without affecting the outcome of the quest. However, once Paul picks up the chems, it is impossible to successfully pickpocket them from Paul as the pickpocket chance is always set at 0%, even at Level 4 Pickpocket.



Paul Pembroke appears only in Fallout 4.


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