For the woman mentioned in Fallout 76, see Patty (Fallout 76).

FOBoSLogo.pngThe following is based on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel and is not canon.

Patty, a female vault dweller, is the security officer of Vault-Tec's secret facility, the Secret Vault in 2208.


She became a new leader of the community of those who survived the chaos by hiding in the garden area after Dubois is killed. She went missing in the ruins area. Patty helped the Initiate to recover after their battle with Attis and asked them to help her to shut down an auxiliary vent, so the people in the vault could escape through it to the wastes. While her plan succeeded, she didn't leave the vault with the others.

She remained to make sure the Vault-Tec research would not become a plague to humanity and plans to use a nuclear warhead specially designed in case of an emergency. The emergency situation begins when Attis uses modified FEV strain on himself and transforms into a giant, regenerative blob that grows with each second.

She tried to make it to the warhead terminal, but was caught by Attis' tentacles. He began to grow inside of her, slowly eating the woman. The Initiate found her, and she asked them to use the terminal, so the vault and Attis would be destroyed. Before she goes, however, she asked the Initiate one more thing - to kill her, so she could avoid this terrible death.

The Initiate shot her in the next moment, saving her from suffering.


She is also a playable character after completing Chapter One. She is very similar to Nadia, though she does have some extra advantages.


Patty appears only in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.


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