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Patrons are customers at the Wayward in Appalachia.


Patrons start to appear at the bar once it has officially opened, following the completion of The Elusive Crane. Three patrons can be found in the game: two men and one woman, who sit and wander around the bar. The man at the counter is a musician from Nashville who occasionally plays the acoustic guitar on the bar stage. The woman is a refugee from D.C. who is doing odd jobs for Duchess in exchange for food and clothing. The man sitting under the stairs is a former soldier-turned-slaver who is scoping out the bar for potential victims.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

38 Paradigm of Humanity.png
This character has no special interactions.

Other interactions

  • The Vault Dwellers of Vault 76 may interact with them to hear their backstories. The slaver will refer to individual Dwellers as "vaulter" while hinting at his profession. The musician will respond negatively if he is interrupted while playing or about to play the guitar.
  • Unlike most NPCs in the game in instanced interiors who are marked as essential, the patrons are not. It is possible to start a fight and kill them. Duchess will tell them to "knock it off" and call them clowns and nimrods, urging them to take it outside, although she does not say anything if the patrons are killed. The player can proceed to loot their bodies. Each patron that is killed will permanently never respawn.



Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Undershirt & jeans Pipe pistol .38 Rounds (36)
Marine Armor
Pipe pistol


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Winter jacket and jeans
Trilby hat
Pipe revolver .45 Rounds (36)
Pipe revolver


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Drifter outfit Snubnosed .44 pistol .44 Rounds (58)
Snubnosed .44 pistol


  • The refugee does not appear to recognize ghouls, as she mistakes Mort for a Scorched.
  • The slaver will express disgust at Mort's presence.

Notable quotes


  • "Appalachia's bout the prettiest place I've seen since Nashville."
  • "Don't mind me. Just here to spread the guitar gospel."
  • "Saw quite a few folks on my way here. Honestly didn't know there were this many people left."
  • "Little hide-aways like this. Too rare not too enjoy."
  • "Like the get-up. Reminds me of a TV dinner with attitude. Wild."


  • "I came all the way here from DC, Cost me everything I had... everything."
  • "Duchess, she spotted me some food and clothes on credit. Said I could do odd jobs to pay her back. First person to really help me out since I got here."
  • "The Capitol... it's... it's hell on Earth. No way I'm going back there."
  • "I heard a rumor on the way here... Appalachia... it's bat country. That can't be true, right?"
  • "Is... is that guy over there... is he one of those Scorched things? Are they not all crazy?"
  • "Wow. You a soldier or something? Didn't think you could get those suits outside the Army."


  • "Men and women of quality, they're real rare these days. Some will pay a lot of money to have folks like that... on hand."
  • "Life's real hard out here, Vaulter. Need to be... creative to make a living these days."
  • "Strapping thing, aren't ya. Lot of folks pay for the privilege to have someone like you around."
  • "Haven't seen a suit like that since Anchorage."
  • "Did you hear someone found a vault full of gold in them hills? Can bet a whole new herd is on their way here right now."
  • "Can't believe they'd let one of those freaks in here. Some of us are trying to enjoy ourselves."


Patrons appear only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.