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Event: Patrol Duty is an event in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

Event Quest: Patrol Duty
Talk to the Warden on the second floor of Eastern Regional Penitentiary.
Protect the penitentiary guard as it walks through the prison.
Repair the guard if damaged.
Defend the security station as the guard downloads security data
Protect the guard for the remainder of the route.
Reward: 30 caps, 200 XP, random ammo/consumables, random weapon plan

Detailed walkthrough

Upon approaching the Eastern Regional Penitentiary, the prison's warden makes a radio broadcast asking for assistance with a security patrol that is about to start. Head inside and up to the warden's office to meet with the warden itself. The warden asks the player characters to assist the Protectron prison guard as it makes its rounds through the prison, promising to reward them for their assistance. With that, it has the Protectron deploy from its recharge pod. The first time the event is done, the Protectron prison guard sets the patrol to include the prison yard, D-Wing, and solitary confinement (C-Wing). Follow it downstairs and out into the prison yard. Later patrols will either be this same route, or through A-Wing, B-Wing, and the prison yard instead.

Outside, the prison yard is crawling with super mutants, including ones on the guard towers. The turrets on the guard towers can be repaired to help out. If the Protectron prison guard is incapacitated, it can be repaired so it can continue its patrol. Once the prison yard is secure, the guard will then enter the solitary confinement area.

Inside, the guard will mention that solitary confinement is where "Mad Dog" Malone and members of his gang are normally kept. Once the area is cleared of enemies, the guard will proceed into D-Wing and up to the security office. Once inside, it requests that the area be secured while it steps into the Protectron pod to download data from the security station memory banks, temporarily shutting it down during the data transfer. While it does that, protect the security office from attacks by enemies until the download is complete, as the cell blocks are crawling with feral ghouls. Once done, the Protectron guard will reactivate, leave the security office, and resume its patrol, entering the medical room and prisoner intake before using a security bypass code to open the mag-locked door and proceed back into the main lobby. Once there, it declares its patrol complete, thanks the player characters for their help, and the event is completed.

Event stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Report to the WardenAt Eastern Regional Penitentiary, an announcement said that a security patrol will be sent out soon. I should report to the warden if I want to join the patrol.
? Escort the Guard PatrolA security patrol is making its way through Eastern Regional Penitentiary. I need to protect the guard as he completes his rounds.
? Repair the Guard
?Quest finishedDefend the Security Station