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Patricia Nunes was an engineer working on experimental, top secret projects at Sugar Grove's Advanced Research Projects Division.


One of Patricia's major achievements was the CX-15 or Project SIPHON, an attempt to develop an automated data exfiltration holotape, capable of scanning hostile networks, detecting data sources of interest, compressing the data, and extracting it for later analysis. By June 2077, Project SIPHON had achieved a successful data compression ratio of 200:1 but the cost of iridium-infused magnetic tapes ($15 million each) and multiple personal use issues resulting in two lost tapes, forced the project to be put under tight control.[1] Given the cost of the tapes, access was strictly limited to covert operations specialists of Grade-V or above with prior authorization, with the head of the SigInt Analysis team forcing the system to log every check-out of the holotapes.[2]

When Kyle Lockhart wanted to use the SIPHON holotapes after the disaster that was his PULSAR project, his request was denied. Patricia Nunes was responsible for denying the request and advised that Lockhart instead try with regular holotapes.[3]


Patricia Nunes is mentioned only in Fallout 76.


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