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The patient logs (Vault 19) are five numbered holotapes in Fallout: New Vegas.


They can all be found in Vault 19's clinic on the first floor.


Patient 1648654

Female, Age: 24
Patient came seeking treatment for 'panic attacks'. Patient claims to often experience moments of extreme terror out of nowhere and that they often wake her from sleep.

Patient 1687865

Male, Age: 31
1687865 often misinterprets other's actions as hostile. He perceives friendly interactions with nurses as patronizing. We've also noticed that the longer other patients remain in contact with 1687865 the more readily they are to act aggressively towards him (due to 1687865's defensive nature) thus reinforcing 1687865's perceived hostility.

Patient 3905698

Male, Age: 27
Patient brought in by police. Patient claims to be hearing voices taunting him. Patient claimed that he, at one point, believed these voices were coming from his grandfather's radio. The patient now believes that the voices are coming from within himself and he is eager for help.

Patient 5498465

Male, Age: 22
Patient came to useIn-game spelling claiming to be insane. Patient claiming he would often get the feeling of being 'outside' himself. This feeling was so intense that it would cause the patient to be off balance during episodes. Navigation through the clinic often difficult for him to achieve with out causing accidents.

Patient 6585645

Male, Age: 34
Patient brought in by the police. This is the ninth occurrence of such and we are now seeking extended residence for the patient within our facility.