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This is a transcript for dialogue with Patchwork.


GREETING GREETING Fear 50 ... ... huh? ... Ah! Jesus Christ! Don't... don't sneak up on me like that, the last fella... the last fella to do that damn near lost my arm. 1
Neutral 50 You're new here, yeah... you must be, since you're actually talking to... talking to me... I'm Patchwork... or just "Patches" if... if you like that. 2
Disgust 50 I'm... shit.... I forget. 3
GREETING Neutral 50 Oh! Hey! It's you! ... have we met? 4
GREETING Disgust 50 ... ... uh oh... <burp>... just gimme a second here... <burp>.. okay, swallowed it before it... before it got out. What do you need? 5
GREETING Pained 50 I... I think I'm less drunk than... I was... Nope. Nope. There it is. 6
Sounds like a normal guy.
Sorry, pal. I can't spare the caps either. Anger 50 You're as cheap as the rest of them. 7
Oh look! I dropped these 50 caps in your pocket...
How about a whole bottle? Here's 10 caps. Disgust 50 A whole bottle? You got a deal. All I know is that he keeps trying to hire outsiders to do some killing. 8
Neutral 50 I heard him mumble something about a Fort too. 9
MS14Crowley What can you tell me about Mister Crowley? Disgust 50 Won't never buy me a drink, that's what. {drunk} 10
Come on. You can tell me. Ahzrukhal said so. <Lie.>
Here's 3 caps for a drink, but you've got to tell me what you know. Happy 50 Deal. All I know is that he keeps trying to hire outsiders to do some killing. 11
SpeechChallengeFailure SpeechChallengeFailure Fear 50 Oh, no! You're just trying to get me in trouble. And drunk. 12
UnderworldPatchworkBoozeTopic Where can I get a drink around here? You seem like the right person to ask. Neutral 50 Why, you'll want to head on over to the Ninth Circle and talk to Mister Ahzrukhal... he... he... uhhh... what was I saying? 13
Neutral 50 Oh yeah, the generators, I don't know where they are, you'll have to ask Winthrop. 14
Where can I get a drink around here? You seem like the right person to ask. Neutral 50 Ninth Cir- Circle. Talk to Ahzrukhal. And... bring me back something. 15
Neutral 50 Oh yeah, the generators, I don't know where they are, you'll have to ask Winthrop. 16
UnderworldPatchworkGreeting1 So, you're the town drunk, huh? Neutral 50 Why yes! Yes I am! And... PROUD! Proud of it! I mean, if I weren't, I'd probably just spend a lot more time cry... crying... you know? 17
Neutral 50 Here I am... drunk... falling apart liter- literally! I lost my damn finger last week! Doc put it back on though... bless him... 18
UnderworldPatchworkGreeting1a You're losing parts? Like... body parts? Neutral 50 Yeah... it happens... a lot, actuall.. actually. All the time. But I'm getting' better... I think... 19
Neutral 50 Just keep an... eye out for 'em... but not my eye, those ain't never fallen out yet... 20
UnderworldPatchworkGreeting1a1 I'll do that. Neutral 50 Really? You... you're alright... you should buy me a drink some time... 21
Neutral 50 Now... what were you saying? 22
UnderworldPatchworkGreeting1a2 Watch out for your own body parts, you creepy bastard. Neutral 50 Now... there's no need for tha... that... wait... what were you saying? You wanted to talk to me... about something? What was it? 23
UnderworldPatchworkGreeting1b You keep your parts to yourself and let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 Well... what... what... do you want to talk about? 24
UnderworldPatchworkGreeting2 Are you all right? Neutral 50 Who, me? Yeah... yeah... I'm fine. I guess. No... Yeah. I'll be okay. I just... I just need to try not to lose any of my parts this time... 25
Neutral 50 Doc Barrows says that he's... he's getting' tired of puttin' 'em back on... me. So, you know... if you see any, just bring 'em back. 26
UnderworldPatchworkGreeting2a You be careful. I don't want you hurting yourself. Neutral 50 You sure? Some... some people make me hurt myself... because it makes 'em laugh... 27
UnderworldPatchworkGreeting2b You're disgusting. Neutral 50 Yeah... and I ain't had enough liqu- liquor yet to think you.. you're pretty. 28
UnderworldTownTopic What can you tell me about Underworld? Neutral 50 What can YOU tell ME about... wait... what? 29


GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 ... ... bye ... 30
I have to go now. Neutral 50 <hic> ... see you later... <burp> 31
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Oh! Hello! Wait... what? 32
HELLO HELLO Sad 50 Too bad about Crowley. I heard Tenpenny put out a contract on him. 33
HELLO Neutral 50 Bugger off, ye bastards bugger off... ye'll get nae more this evenin'.... how's it go? {Quietly singing the drinking song and then forgetting the words.} 34
HELLO Neutral 50 <drunken muttering> 35
HELLO Neutral 50 <hic> 36
HELLO Neutral 50 Dammit... it was attached a second ago... Hey! Robot! You seen any, you know, toes around here? 37
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey, robot, have you seen any toes laying around here? 38
UnderworldTalkPatchworkWinthropDrunk1 UnderworldTalk Neutral 50 Huh? Oh! Hey Winthrop! How're... how're you? I didn't see- see you there! What's up? 39
UnderworldTalk Neutral 50 What... what do you mean? I'm not... I'm not... I'm not even drunk right now! 40
UnderworldTalkPatchworkWinthropDrunk3 UnderworldTalkPatchworkWinthropDrunk3 Neutral 50 Oh... I get it! Ha! Like my name, right? Good 'ol... good ol' Patchwork, always leaving hit bits around town... 41
UnderworldTalkPatchworkWinthropDrunk3 Neutral 50 Hahaha! That's... that's funny! Did I ever tell you about how I got my name? 42
UnderworldTalkPatchworkWinthropDrunk5 UnderworldTalkPatchworkWinthropDrunk5 Neutral 50 Oh, okay. Maybe.. maybe we can get a drink after you're done working! 43
UnderworldTalkPatchworkWinthropDrunk5 Neutral 50 Okay... bye Winthrop! Let's get a drink later and... and hang out... 44
UnderworldTalkResponseShort1 UnderworldTalkHelloResponseShort Neutral 50 Yeah, I'm okay, Winthrop. 45
UnderworldTalkHelloResponseShort Neutral 50 I'm doin' alright, Winthrop. Just having a rough day, you know? 46
UnderworldTalkHelloResponseShort Neutral 50 Oh hey, Winthrop. Yeah, I'm alright, I just.. err... dropped something around here. Don't worry about me, it'll turn up. 47
UnderworldTalkHelloResponseShort Neutral 50 Oh, not bad. Not bad at all. Everything's where it should be... for now. 48
UnderworldTalkHelloResponseShort Neutral 50 Yep. Keepin' my bits to myself for the time bein'. 49
UnderworldTalkHelloResponseShort Neutral 50 Oh, hello. I'm alright. Still in one piece. Well, except for that one that got away... but I'll find it. No worries. 50
UnderworldTalkHelloResponseShort Neutral 50 Haven't lost anything permanently. Not yet. 51
UnderworldTalkResponseShort2 UnderworldTalkResponseShort2 Neutral 50 That ain't what ... I asked you, stupid... stupid robot. 52
UnderworldTalkResponseShort2 Neutral 50 I'm doin' fine... fine indeed. How are you? ... I said how are you? What? Are you ignoring me? Stupid asshole robot... 53