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This is a transcript for dialogue with Pat Neusbaum.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Have you talked to Betty? I think she's waiting for you. 1
Neutral 50 You really shouldn't keep her waiting. She'll probably be on the playground. Run along now. 2
MQ04ResidentChitChat1 Nice day, isn't it? Neutral 50 It sure is. But it always is here! 3
MQ04ResidentChitChat2 What can you tell me about the neighborhood? Neutral 50 Well, George and I have been here... why, as long as I can remember. 4
MQ04ResidentDad Have you seen my dad? Neutral 50 No sweetie, I haven't. I'm sure he'll come looking for you before long, though. 5
MQ04ResidentMabel What can you tell me about Mabel Henderson? Neutral 50 Mabel? She's nice enough, I suppose. A bit of a gossip, maybe. And she never seemed too fond of my boy Timmy. 6
Neutral 50 She was just complaining about his rollerskates the other day. Said Timmy left them in her house, and that they were dangerous. 7
Neutral 50 If they're so dangerous, why didn't she just bring them here when she came to complain about it? 8
MQ04ResidentRockwells Can you tell me anything about the Rockwells' marriage? Neutral 50 I don't know what sort of thing you'd want to hear about... There was that one time Janet waved a rolling pin at Martha... 9
Neutral 50 Oh, but I suppose that's not really something you should concern yourself with. All in the past now. 10
MQ04ResidentSimulation This is a pretty convincing simulation... Neutral 50 What? Oh, sweetie. Maybe you should just run along and play. 11
MQ04ResidentTimmy What can you tell me about Timmy Neusbaum? Neutral 50 Timmy? Oh, he's a good boy. George and I are so proud of him. 12
Neutral 50 I don't care what Mabel says; I don't think military school would do him any good at all. 13
Neutral 50 I have half a mind to give her that brochure back and tell her just what she can do with it! {indignant} 14
MQ04WhoIsBetty Who is Betty? Neutral 50 Oh, you know Betty. 15
Neutral 50 She's... well. You just go talk to her, okay? 16


HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 George, I thought I told you to have a talk with Timmy about Old Lady Dithers. 17
HELLO Neutral 50 George, have you spoken to your son about Old Lady Dithers? 18
TranqLaneTalk1 TranqLaneTalk1 Neutral 50 Oh, stop it. You know I don't trust that woman one bit. 19
TranqLaneTalk1 Neutral 50 George, honestly. You know I don't like talking to her. 20
TranqLaneTalk2 TranqLaneTalk2 Neutral 50 It's not funny, George. I'm not joking around. {annoyed, snapping} 21
TranqLaneTalk2 Neutral 50 That's not the point and you know it. Don't try and change the subject. {annoyed, snapping} 22
TranqLaneTalk3 TranqLaneTalk3 Neutral 50 Well I'm not going to go running off to hear what she has to say today. Now find something useful to do. 23
TranqLaneTalk3 Neutral 50 I don't have to like that she's such a busybody, do I? Now leave me alone about it. 24
TranqLaneTalk4 TranqLaneTalk4 Neutral 50 She's been talking to Timmy again. I want him to stay away from her. She's nuts, and she shouldn't be anywhere near him. 25
TranqLaneTalk4 Neutral 50 I saw Timmy talking to her again. I don't want him near her, George. She's crazy, and I don't want it influencing him. You need to say something. 26