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You are such a Party Boy/Girl that you no longer suffer the withdrawal effect from alcohol addiction.

Party Boy or Party Girl is a perk in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel, Fallout 4, Fallout 76, and Fallout 2d20.

Broken Steel

The player will no longer suffer the withdrawal effects from an alcohol addiction.


  • The interface icon is similar to that of Fallout and Fallout 2 's Chem Reliant trait, which itself dealt with chem addiction effects.
  • Some of the utility of the perk may be lost on those who own and frequently use the "My First Laboratory" available for purchase in My Megaton house or the Tenpenny Tower suite. The Lab removes all addictions on the character upon use unless it is brewing a chemical, its second feature.

Fallout 4

Nobody has a good time like you! Simply look up the effects of your favourite wine, beer, vodka, or other alcoholic beverages, and employ them when you need to without the unpleasant side effects afterward. As Luck influences how quickly your critical hits recharge, fighting while drunk at Rank 3 now becomes even more beneficial, rather than an embarrassing kerfuffle.Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide description


Rank Requirements Description Base ID
1 CH 7 Nobody has a good time like you! There's no chance you'll get addicted to alcohol. 0004D887 (Party Boy)
0004D888 (Party Girl)
2 CH 7, LVL 15 The effects of alcohol are doubled. 001D2473 (Party Boy)
001D2475 (Party Girl)
3 CH 7, LVL 37 Your Luck is increased by 3 while you're under the influence of alcohol. 001D2474 (Party Boy)
001D2476 (Party Girl)


  • With the doubling effect from rank 2, several alcoholic drinks become competitive with chems in their effect, except alcohol is ostensibly cheaper to come by and addiction immunity comes built-in to this perk.
  • Vodka and bourbon become potent health boosters - the former provides 50 hit points directly, while the latter increases Endurance by 1, which will provide 50 hit points at level 91 and be better thereafter; this is potentially very useful on survival, where the instant effect of bonus health or bonus endurance is preferable to the slow regeneration of healing.
  • Wine and various ice cold gwinnett beers (ale, brew, lager, pale, pilsner, stout) provide significant AP bonuses.
  • Beer and various Gwinnett drinks can be more effectively used for bartering benefits and speech checks, and the strength (and therefore melee damage) boost of all alcoholic drinks (especially whiskey) becomes more significant.
  • The rank 3 effect does not show up as part of the item's PIP-Boy description, but it can be verified by either looking at your SPECIAL stats after consuming some alcohol or looking at your active effects.
  • The second rank doubles the negative effects of alcohol along with its positive ones.
    • This is -2 Intelligence on most alcohol and -4 on Dirty Wastelander. In effect, this is excellent to take immediately before completing quests to increase the odds of triggering the Idiot Savant perk.
  • Every variant of alcohol provides a +3 luck bonus that is different for every other variant of alcohol; this means that one can obtain a very high luck bonus by consuming different varieties of alcohol at once.


Icon pc.png Icon ps4.png Icon xboxone.png If you pick the rank 2 Party Boy/Girl while you're under the influence of alcohol already, you can end up with a permanent negative effect to your stats when you sober up.[verified]

Fallout 76

Nobody has a good time like you!
Rank Description Base ID
1 The effects of alcohol are doubled. 0004D887 (Party Boy)
0004D888 (Party Girl)
2 The effects of alcohol are tripled. 001D2473 (Party Boy)
001D2475 (Party Girl)

Modifies alcohol

Party Boy/Girl affects the following consumables:

¹ Fermentable variants are affected by Party Boy.


By design, Party Boy does not affect the following consumables:

¹ Fermentable variants are not affected by Party Boy.

See also

Fallout 2d20

Cannot become addicted to alcoholic drinks, and whenever an alcoholic drink is used, heal +2 HP.