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The Parkview Apartments is a location in the Fens neighborhood of Boston in 2287.


The complex consists of two buildings, the apartments and the lounge, the latter being an unmarked, quest-related location. They are connected by a walkway between the roofs. When approaching the area, the Sole Survivor may hear or witness the start of a rooftop battle between raiders and super mutants.


On the apartments side, an outdoor room on one of the lower roof levels has an armor workbench. Inside, the 3rd floor consists of apartments, mostly boarded shut, with one being occupied by raiders. This apartment has an Expert-level wall safe. All of the apartments on the 2nd floor are boarded shut, with a machinegun turret guarding the hallway. The first floor houses the lobby as well as one raider-occupied apartment. Inside, a Vault-Tec lunchbox is found inside the refrigerator, an overdue book in the bathtub, and a weapons workbench fills the apartment's rear-most room. In the lobby, a booby trap runs across the top of the short staircase from the entry; the gun brace is on the door frame leading to the apartments.


The lounge, occupied by mutants, consists of three interior floors, with entries on all three levels. Inside, the 1st floor is an unremarkable lobby. The stairway to the 2nd floor is blocked off by rubble, but an elevator connects the floors. The 2nd floor consists of a bar and pool hall, turned into a torture room by the mutants and a stairway leading further up. The 3rd floor is defended by a machine gun turret. Two explosives boxes (one of them booby trapped) can be found here. Inside the small office, another Vault-Tec lunchbox is found inside a filing cabinet drawer on the floor. There is also an Expert-level safe built into an office wall.


Several raiders and mutants will be in a deadly fight upon the Sole Survivor's arrival on the roof. A steamer trunk containing random loot is guarded by a super mutant boss in the room on the lounge side of the complex. The MILA required for Weathervane: Parkview Apartments is located on the apartment-side of the roof.

Notable loot

  • The Haptic drive for the Quartermastery quest can be found at the top of the lounge in the last room inside the steamer trunk with other leveled loot.
  • A Vault-Tec lunchbox can be found on the third floor of the Parkview lounge, inside a filing cabinet drawer in an office.
  • A Vault-Tec lunchbox can be found on the first floor, inside a fridge in the apartment the left of the main entrance.
  • An overdue book can be found on the first floor, in a bathtub under a skeleton.

Related quests


The Parkview Apartments only appear in Fallout 4.