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The parking garage is an unmarked location in the Commonwealth in 2287. It lies in the middle of the Glowing Sea, just north of the cave which is located southwest of the vertibird wreckage.


The parking garage is a large open location beneath a Super Duper Mart, buried for the most part in the landscape that is the Glowing Sea. It can only be accessed from one side door and only the garage is accessible. The garage has a simple layout with a Master locked door in the southwestern part of the garage, containing several lootable containers. A cooking station, food, and five sleeping bags are found on this upper level, and the ambient radiation level is low to nil, making it a useful refuge in the Glowing Sea. The upper area is inhabited only by a few leveled feral ghouls.

An elevator on the roof can be used to access the lower parts of the parking garage. The lower parts are partially flooded with irradiated water and contains a leveled deathclaw and a lootable trunk against the northern wall. There is a hole in the ceiling of the lowest level that allows access to the upper levels, but only by using the power armor jetpack.

In addition, there is a hole in the southeast corner of the upper floor that drops into the lower levels, reachable through the back of a wrecked bus.


When at this location companions make comments, which are activated after entering the parking garage. Preston Garvey does not have a unique comment here.

Location comments
Character Comment
Cait "Wait a damn second. Where'd all the ferals go?"
Codsworth "Ah, another fine mess of a parking garage. I wonder what awaits us this time."
Curie "Where did all the cars go?"
Danse "Remain vigilant. This feels like an ambush."
Deacon "That's a lot of parking. Make sure you put your money in the meter."
John Hancock "Something ain't right in here. Where'd all the Ghouls go?"
Nick Valentine "Something seem off about this place to you? Why no Ghouls in here?"
Piper Wright "No sign of Ghouls in here. We must be getting close."
Robert MacCready "Something isn't right here..."
X6-88 "No ghouls? I don't like it..."


The parking garage appears only in Fallout 4.


  • Icon ps4.png The flooded section of the parking garage can be glitched into without the use of the elevator. From the non-flooded side, the player can (using a jetpack to get up there) crawl along the length of a green truck trailer and land on the other side. The truck is in the southeast corner, next to a bus. [verified]
  • Icon pc.png When consulting the map while inside the interior cell of the parking garage, the current location may be shown incorrectly as being near the extreme southwest of the map, in the southwest of the Crater of Atom. [verified]