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Park Street station is a location in the Boston Common neighborhood of Boston in 2287. It is on the Green and Red Lines in the subway system.


Park Street station is in the northeastern part of Boston Common, and can be used to access Vault 114. It was a subway station until some point before the Great War, when its ownership was transferred from the MTA to Vault-Tec Corporation. Vault-Tec used the station as an entrance to Vault 114, their newest construction project, which was exclusive to Boston's upper-class citizens. Once inside the vault, the residents were to be subjects in a social experiment which would place them in very harsh conditions.


The location contains both the subway station itself and the unfinished area behind the Vault 114 door where the tunnel ends. Vault 114 does not technically begin until entering the area past the large room with the construction equipment.

The station entrance leads down an escalator and into the first room, where there are several hostile Triggermen. A few odds and ends can be looted here, some of which are behind a Novice-locked door in the storeroom behind the counter. In the same storeroom, there is also an Expert-locked floor safe. A sleeping bag and a mattress are also on this level.

Going down to the next level will lead to the subway tunnels. The stairwell is trapped with a bathroom scale triggering a makeshift bomb on the wall. In the first subway platform area, a bed is in a small side room to the right along the southeastern wall. A Novice-locked door on the northwestern wall across from the bottom of the stairs leads to a dead-end corridor containing a tripwire triggering a rifle trap, a sleeping bag, and an Expert-locked safe.

The second subway platform area to the northeast has a door on the northwest side which leads to a manhole exit to Back Bay. At the end of the tunnel to the northeast, the right track ends at some rubble, and the left track leads to the vault door.

Through the vault door is a pair of rooms with many Vault-Tec crates and boxes and a Vault-Tec terminal with information about this vault and a "social experiment" that was to be conducted here. Down a set of stairs to the northwest is a large unfinished room with construction equipment and more Triggermen. To the northeast is a small room with a drop down to the entrance to Vault 114.

Notable loot

  • One overdue book - In the first room, on the double bench on the far wall opposite the entrance escalator.
  • One Nuka-Cola Quantum - At the end of the right track to the northeast, held by a skeleton partly buried in a pile of rubble.
  • Two Vault-Tec lunchboxes - One is in the second platform area, on the ground between the tracks next to a large blue cargo container and a small white Vault-Tec crate. The other is farther to the northeast, on the ground to the right of an overturned cigarette machine against the southeastern wall.
  • Approximately 80 concrete and 60 glass - Obtained from scrapping the junk found inside the station.

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  • The manhole shortcut exit to Back Bay near Hubris Comics serving as the Vault 114 map marker is initially disabled and not visible. The only way to use the manhole to enter the station is by first traveling through the station and exiting through the manhole.
    • On PC, the entrance can be enabled with the console command 639d5.enable, which will also create the Vault 114 map marker.
  • When at this location, companions make comments, which are activated at two locations: the Vault door, and the large room with construction equipment.
Location comments
Character Specific location Comment
Cait Vault door "I'll be damned. Vault-Tec tucked these little beauties everywhere."
Room with construction equipment "Looks like the vault was never completed."
Codsworth Vault door "A vault? Down here?"
Room with construction equipment "You don't suppose this vault was unfinished when the bombs fell? I can't imagine exposed dirt was the look they were going for."
Curie Vault door "A Vault. I suppose it's worth investigating."
Danse Vault door "I bet a month's pay that we'll find an illicit experiment gone awry inside this vault."
Room with construction equipment "Looks like Vault-Tec ran out of time on this one."
Deacon Vault door "Vault 114. It's been pretty thoroughly looted, but sometimes you can find something that's been overlooked."
John Hancock Vault door "Well, well. Vault 114. You'd be surprised how much scum from the Commonwealth trickles in here."
Room with construction equipment "Looks like they were still working when the bombs hit."
Robert MacCready Vault door "Never imagined we'd find a vault down here. Let's check it out."
Room with construction equipment "Wow, they must have been building this vault all the way up to the last second."
Nick Valentine Room with construction equipment "You think these workers got to join the folks in the Vault?"
Piper Wright Vault door "Isn't this where Nick was trapped? I can imagine worse places to be holed up."
Room with construction equipment "It's like where old excavators go to die."
Preston Garvey Vault door "What's this doing here?"
Room with construction equipment "Huh. This vault must not have been quite done when the war started."
X6-88 Vault door "I know this architecture. This is a vault."
Room with construction equipment "This area was still under construction."


Park Street station appears only in Fallout 4.


PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 While accessing the control panel to open the Vault door, V.A.T.S may suddenly break. In order to fix this, you must load a previous save and attempt to open the door again.[verified] On PC, this can also be fixed by opening the console and typing DumpInputEnableLayers, noting the layer number that has VATS in it. Then type ResetInputEnableLayer x, where "x" equals the number of the VATS entry. If pushing the button did not open the door, type SetStage DN142 50, which advances the quest and starts the door opening sequence.