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We are all escaped slaves. I need your solemn promise not to betray us to Paradise Falls or the Slavers.Hannibal Hamlin

Paradise Falls, formerly the Paradise Falls Shopping Center, is a strip style shopping mall, and, by 2277, the main haven for all slaver activity in the Capital Wasteland, with business ties to further slave markets in the Pitt. It is a constant source of fear for many of the wasteland's denizens.


Paradise Falls' former slaver leaders include Penelope Chase, and Harmon Jurley. Harmon Jurley was the leader of Paradise Falls around 2250.[1] By 2277, Paradise Falls is led by Eulogy Jones, who regulates the purchase and selling of slaves, after he personally killed the former leader.[2] The slavers get paid on commission, based on the number of wastelanders they bring in,[3] and according to Herbert "Daring" Dashwood, the slavers have become more organized in the last twenty years and "[buy] and [sell] anything with a pulse."[4] Fortunately for the denizens of the Capital Wasteland, slave collars are a rarity, which makes the slavers' job much more difficult.[5]

Paradise Falls is guarded by and serves as a home to a cadre of battle-hardened, slavers that have no aversion to the profitable business of slavery. The inhabitants of Paradise Falls are infamous for their incursions into Big Town, and on rare occasions, into Little Lamplight. The slavers are also known to seize random wastelanders, and the town is frequently mentioned on the Herbert Dashwood program on Galaxy News Radio.

Gaining entrance may prove to be difficult for some. Grouse, who guards the front entrance, only lets two kinds of people in: slaves and slavers. However, there are ways to get in without being either. Having Evil Karma is enough to get through, but one can also pass a Speech check and bribe Grouse with 500 caps. It is also possible to fight or sneak inside. Alternatively, being a legitimate slaver allows for easy access. Accepting the Strictly Business quest and capturing at least one of the four VIPs, or completing the Head of State quest in favor of the slavers will permit one to enter.


Paradise Falls can be found by traveling almost directly north from Vault 101, Arefu, or Vault 106. It is located to the west of Minefield, and is recognizable from a distance by its most prominent landmark, a gigantic statue of a giant Tall Boy mascot holding an ice cream cone.[6]

The compound is a roughly square strip mall style compound, protected by walls of stacked derelict vehicles. The few buildings that are still in use have been converted a bit to suit the slaver's needs. The entrance is guarded by Grouse. After getting past Grouse, a winding beaten dirt path leads up to a gate that opens to the compound.

The gate of the settlement is a large derelict vehicle and gate wall, the door through which is through the bus door. Within the wall is the pre-War archway and sign for the shopping center. Above the entrance is the severed arm of the Tall Boy mascot. It has since had spikes driven into it and attached to a hydraulic gate. So it can be lowered or raised for defense.

Immediately throughout the entrance is a defensive barrier, on which is graffiti exclaiming "Stow Your Piece," with an image of a revolver with a circle and slash through it. The barrier has skulls on spikes over the top and a window in it. On the west side of the entrance, past said barrier, is the path to the weapons shop, Lock and Load. It is inside a large building which sign reads "Restaurant." The path is bordered by a makeshift wall of debris, rubble, makeshift barriers, and gates. Behind this is a sentry post built around the Paradise Falls Atom signpost.

Directly to the west of the entrance is the slaver barracks, built out of the two story liquor store, and Cutter's clinic, built within the store called "Velmas." Just past the clinic is another set of defensive barriers, this one built with derelict vehicles and makeshift barricades. At the east end is a generator. Just past the end of this barricade is the stairway up to the sentry post.

This section past the barrier has both a makeshift open-air bar and grill made from an abandoned RobCo Parts store,[7] to the west and Eulogy's pad to the east, formerly a movie theater. The bar and grill are built out of a RobCo parts store; it is, however, devoid of stock, employees, and customers. Eulogy's pad is built within the cinema.

Past this area is the final rear section. The barrier that blocks access is composed of more derelict vehicles and makeshift barricades. The entrance is directly in front of Eulogy's pad. Directly in front of this entrance is the inaccessible Freddy Fear's House of Scares costume shop. Next to this, to the west, is the slave and brahmin pens, built within what was once a clothing store. Directly in front of the pens, next to the barrier, is "The Box," a Pulowski Preservation shelter that has been refitted into a cruel holding cell. Past this is the toilets. This facility was built within the Paradise Falls coffee shop.

Gaining entrance

  • Speech check and a bribe of 500 caps in return for entry.
  • Accept the Strictly Business quest and capture at least one of the four VIPs.
  • Complete the Head of State quest in favor of the slavers.
  • Fight or sneak the way in (provokes slavers).
  • Have evil or very evil Karma and ask 'Do you know who I am?'





Notable loot

Related quests


  • Paradise Falls is a regular stop for all caravans based out of Canterbury Commons.
  • It is not possible to fast travel out of Paradise Falls once inside. The Lone Wanderer must first exit through the main gate.
  • Slavers in Paradise Falls do not respawn when slain.
  • Shooting anyone in Paradise Falls will turn the town hostile. Unlike most towns in the game, the slavers of Paradise Falls will stay hostile no matter how much time passes.
  • If the Lone Wanderer kills all the slavers, Three Dog will occasionally mention it.
  • Killing the slavers in Paradise Falls without utilizing stealth kills, world objects or the Mister Sandman perk, will turn the slavers waiting at the tunnel to the Pitt hostile.
  • Player characters with low Karma (evil or very evil) are occasionally approached by a slaver bearing a minor gift, similar to in Megaton with high (good or very good) Karma. Before the patch, the Lone Wanderer could continuously interact with the slaver to get rewards infinitely. Since the patch, this has changed so that rewards are given out only when having earned one by bringing in a new slave.
  • Items in Paradise Falls that are set as owned are only tagged as stolen when taken. However, stealing items in Paradise Falls does not result in any Karma loss, but slavers will retaliate if they notice.
  • In the room that Cutter is in, there is a holotape related to The Replicated Man.
  • Entering the slaver barracks with certain companions (e.g. Jericho), while it is occupied, will make the occupants warn the companion to leave. If they refuse, the slavers will attack.
  • Occasionally when the Lone Wanderer takes the slave collars off the slaves, they will frenzy and attack each other and the brahmin in the area. Arkansas is guaranteed to do this.
  • If Arkansas is freed after enslaving him, he will turn hostile to all the other freed slaves. If Arkansas still has his sniper rifle, the only way to make him stop killing is to kill him or hit him with the Mesmetron and re-collar him.
  • Having evil Karma will earn respect from the unnamed slavers, who will say things like, "Let's grab a drink," or "You're some pretty slick shit." Karma above evil receives comments like "You don't look like you belong here," and a threat with a trip to the Pen. The named slavers will treat the player character the same regardless of Karma value.
  • If the Lone Wanderer enters Paradise Falls while wearing the armored Vault 101 jumpsuit, one of the slavers may comment about it, saying, "You just raid a vault or something?"


Paradise Falls appears only in Fallout 3. It is mentioned in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Capital Wasteland Mercenaries."[8]

Behind the scenes

  • The Vault 77 jumpsuit is a reference to the Penny Arcade comic commissioned by Bethesda Studios and on display at their website.
  • The "Tall Boy" statue[9] is modeled after the mascot of the Big Boy fast-food restaurant chains.
  • On the pool table in the Paradise Falls Barracks, the glasses are set up to play beer pong, a popular drinking game.
  • Crimson and Clover, the two slave girls, get their names from the song "Crimson and Clover" by Tommy James and the Shondells.
  • In the concept art of Paradise Falls, there are slavers standing over a dead Brotherhood of Steel soldier. The soldier in Paradise Falls is not seen in game.
  • One of the prisoners is overheard saying "ain't nobody can eat fifty eggs," which is a reference to Cool Hand Luke. This movie also featured a punishment cell of the same name and nature as the one seen here, both titled "The Box".
  • The Paradise Falls starburst is based on the sign for the now-defunct Satellite Shopland in Anaheim, California[10]


  • Icon pc.png Icon ps3.png Icon xbox360.png Upon entering Paradise Falls for the first time the skulls on the power-lines will fall to the ground. [verified]
  • Icon pc.png After killing Cutter and opening the locked first aid box or desk with Cutter's key, one can hear the line "You just can't take that" even though Cutter is dead. [verified]
  • Icon pc.png Icon xbox360.png It is possible for all of the town's slavers to go hostile for no apparent reason (none had been killed, etc.). This problem may occur if one has entered Paradise Falls using the speech skill or negative Karma when talking to Grouse, instead of doing the quest "Strictly Business". If one enslaves just 1 of the 4 targets, this issue should then be fixed. [verified]
  • Icon pc.png Icon xbox360.png It is also possible that after putting the slave collar on Flak, the player character may return to paradise falls and they'll be hostile. Fix unknown.
  • Icon xbox360.png Grouse will attack Fawkes even if one has gained access to Paradise Falls even after enslaving 1 of the four VIP targets. [verified]
  • Icon xbox360.png Instead of taking just one loading screen to enter Paradise Falls, it takes two loading screens, despite that there is only one entrance. [verified]
  • Icon ps3.png As mentioned above, if Arkansas is freed after enslaving him, he will still have his sniper rifle in his inventory and immediately turn hostile to all the other freed slaves. [verified]
  • Icon ps3.png Sometimes, when walking out of Eulogy's pad, the slavers may become hostile. [verified]
  • Icon pc.png If one cheats to go to Paradise Falls it is possible weapons cannot be readied, forcing you to load your last save. [verified]
  • Icon pc.png Icon ps3.png It is possible that a Deathclaw or a pair of Enclave soldiers may spawn inside the Paradise Falls compound (or glitch through the boundary walls) and kill the slavers. If the Enclave soldiers kill Crimson, Clover will continue talking to Eulogy as if nothing happened. If the Deathclaw kills Grouse while the quest Strictly Business is active, the player will fail the quest.[verified]



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Paradise Falls
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