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This is a transcript for dialogue with Pappy.


BigtownPappyRepair Is there anyone around here who can repair my stuff? Neutral 50 Yeah, I can do it. 1
I need repairs. Neutral 50 Sure thing. I guess I'll take caps in trade. 2
I need repairs. Neutral 50 Okay, just make it quick. 3
BigtownTownBittercupandFlash You came here with Bittercup, right? Anger 50 I told her things would be safe here. How was I supposed to know all those stories were bunk? Then she dumped me, called me a liar. 4
Disgust 50 I was lied to myself, alright! Well, that didn't matter to her. Then she started dating Flash and got all spooky. Good riddance. 5
BigtownTownServices Do you have any traders in town? Any doctors? Anger 50 We've got two things to do in this town: suck and die. No one ever makes it in this place. You won't find any stores to loot here. {Pappy is angry, frustrated, and sullen. He's suspicious of the player's motives for being here.} 6
Do you have any traders in town? Any doctors? Anger 50 Now that Red's here, she'll open the clinic back up. Bother her. {Pappy wants to be left alone in his bitterness.} 7
BigtownTownWhatsWrong This place looks like a ghost town. Anger 50 Yeah, you're telling me. Everything that could go wrong, goes wrong. The Super Mutants and Slavers seem to take turns beating the crap out of us. {(WK) The residents of Big Town are constantly harried.} 8
Neutral 50 There's no way for us to fight back, so we just keep building barricades around town. {(WK) The residents of Big Town don't have any other options except building walls and hoping for rescue.} 9
Fear 25 Now we've been pushed back all the way. Nowhere left to run now. {The people of Big Town are worried over their inevitable demise.} 10
BigtownTownWhereDidYouComeFrom Where did you people come from, anyway? Anger 50 Most of us came from Little Lamplight. We got too old, so they kicked us out. Brats. {(WK) The residents of Big Town are bitter about getting ejected from the relative safety of Lamplight.} 11
Anger 50 Always heard stories about how great Big Town was, where the grownups go. But there's nothing here except death and sand. {(WK) The residents of Big Town are bitter about getting ejected from the relative safety of Lamplight.} 12
BigtownTownWhosInCharge Who's in charge here? Anger 50 That big moron, Flash, thinks he's in charge. All he really does is listen to what Red tells him. That's all anyone here really does. 13
Anger 50 And now Red's gone, taken by those Mutants. That's how we'll all end up eventually. 14
BigtownTownWhosWho Who lives here? Anger 50 Everyone's dead or dying. Now leave me alone. 15
Who lives here? Anger 50 You just think you can order people around, huh? You're like Flash. You think you're in charge, but you're not. 16
Anger 50 Kimba says we should get along, but we're all gonna just gonna end up like Timebomb: dying on a table in Red's clinic. 17
GREETING GREETING Anger 50 We're all watching you waiting to learn something. Well. Get on with it already! 18
GREETING Happy 50 I got to admit I didn't think you were one of the good ones. But, what the hell - THANKS! Things might not be so bad after all! {suspicious paranoid realizing he can be grateful} 19
Disgust 50 Nah, who am I kidding? There's still plenty of things out there that want to kill us. {slipping back into his old pessimistic ways} 20
Happy 50 At least I didn't die today. I got you to thank for that. So, thanks! {begrudgingly grateful} 21
GREETING Disgust 50 A visitor? Who'd want to visit this hell hole? I bet you're here to rape and pillage us. Aren't you? Aren't you?! {shocked, then annoyed, then angry} 22
Disgust 100 Not that it matters. We're all Super Mutant snacks anyway. {blustering with exuberant annoyance} 23
GREETING Neutral 50 Unless you're here to help us, fuck off. 24
GREETING Neutral 50 You got a problem? 25
GREETING Neutral 50 What do you want? 26
GREETING Neutral 50 What? 27
MS01AboutRed I'm looking for a woman named Red. Sticky promised me some caps... Anger 50 Red was the only decent person in this hellhole, and the Mutants took her in the raid. That Sticky is a doofus, but I bet Red will cover his debts. {upset} 28
Sad 50 But... you probably shouldn't tell Sticky Red's gone. I don't want one more cry baby wandering around here causing a ruckus. It's bad enough already. {hiding concern for his friend under gruff anger} 29
MS01QuestHook Do you know where the Super Mutants took your friends? Disgust 100 Well if you feel like dying, go right on ahead. They're up there at some police station near Germantown. Good luck. You're gonna need it. {paranoid, angry, and defeatist} 30
What do you know about these Super Mutants? Disgust 100 Hah! You've decided to help rescue our friends? Unlikely. You probably just figured out a way to take advantage of the situation. Bah! {paranoid, angry, and defeatist} 31
What do you know about these Super Mutants? Disgust 50 The only thing you need to know is that we're all doomed! Sooner or later they'll get every last one of us. {paranoid, angry, and defeatist} 32
Surprise 100 And what are you supposed to be anyway? Some kind of hero here to rescue our friends from the Muties? Bah! You're just here to cause trouble. {paranoid} 33
Don't lose hope. Do you know where the Super Mutants are located? Disgust 50 They took 'em north to that old police station... in Germantown... No use in going up there though. They've already been eaten, or worse, by now. {pessimistic} 34
Surprise 100 Why? You thinking about performing a miracle and rescuing their sorry butts? {pessimistic but getting a glimmer of hope} 35
If you don't care about your friends, then I guess I won't rescue them. Surprise 100 Hold on there! I never said I didn't care. I just know there isn't anyone foolish enough to go up to Germantown. Why, you think you can rescue them? {pessimist being called on his bluff} 36
No, I'm not going to rescue your friends. Disgust 100 I knew it. You're just like all the others. {let down and depressed and pessimistic} 37
MS01QuestHookA4 I'll think about it, but I can't rescue your friends now. Disgust 100 I knew it. You're just like all the others. {let down and depressed and pessimistic} 38
MS01QuestHookB1 I'll rescue your friends just to see the smile on your face when they return! Disgust 100 Hah! Think you're all that, huh? Well, it's your own funeral. I certainly won't be attending. {pessimistic} 39
MS01QuestHookB2 I got what it takes to rescue your friends, but it's going to cost you. Disgust 100 Just what I thought. You're a mercenary. We don't need you. Go on up there to die if you like. But don't say you're doing it for us! {pessimistic and bitter} 40
SpeechChallengeFailure SpeechChallengeFailure Anger 50 None of your business. Go bother someone else. 41


BigTownGoodbye BigTownGoodbye Neutral 50 I don't know what good it will do, but thanks Timebomb. I'll ask you about it later. {Pappy is cynical about how much trouble the barricades are worth.} 42
BigTownGoodbye Anger 50 I can't believe you just said that. Just go away. Bother someone else. {Pappy loses his patience with Sticky-Hands.} 43
BigTownGoodbye Disgust 50 How about I don't do that, and you go away. {Pappy finally gets tired of listening to Shorty's demands.} 44
BigTownGoodbye Anger 50 Terrible. Same as the last time you asked. {Kimba's attempt at idle conversation does nothing to shake the cynicism from Pappy.} 45
BigTownGoodbye Sad 50 I don't know about that, but Big Town isn't much better. Hell, it’s worse. Much worse. {Depressed. Kimba's attempt at pleasant nostalgia has no effect on him. Pappy is convinced they are all doomed.} 46
BigTownGoodbye Sad 50 No sense worrying about them now. We live in Big Town, remember? We're on our own. {Depressed. Kimba's attempt at pleasant nostalgia has no effect on him. Pappy is convinced they are all doomed.} 47
BigTownGoodbye Fear 50 That just means they're getting ready. They'll come for us, I know it. {No amount of assurance will separate Pappy from his sense of impending doom. } 48
BigTownGoodbye Disgust 50 We're doomed. Doomed. {Extend the vowel for the last "Doomed." Should sound like "Doooooomed." Pappy is mocking Flash's excitement over his "baaaad-aaaass" gun.} 49
BigTownResponse BigTownResponse Sad 10 That takes forever, Shorty. Several hours at least. {Pappy is upset at the possibility of more work.} 50
BigTownResponse Fear 10 I swear it's infected, Red. I think you might need to amputate. {Pappy is overly worried about the wound.} 51
BigTownResponse Disgust 50 Do you know how to use it? {Cynical. Pappy doesn't believe the gun to be important due to the looming threat of death that hangs over the town.} 52
BigTownResponse02 BigTownResponse02 Sad 50 Yeah. We keep moving until there's no space left. Then, it's game over. {Un-assured that there is any hope, Pappy remains melancholy.} 53
BigTownResponse02 Sad 50 The settlement is so small now. How long are we going to last? {Hopeless. Pappy is convinced that they're all doomed.} 54
BigTownResponse02 Neutral 50 The barricades should be fine, for now. {Pappy reports on the status of the barricades, hinting that nothing they do will postpone the inevitable.} 55
BigTownResponse02 Fear 50 Well, I still think it looks pretty bad. {No amount of assurances will separate Pappy from his worrying.} 56
BigTownResponse02 Anger 50 Stupid looking? What’s that got to do with it? And who are you to say that the walls are too short... Shorty? {Angry over the unexpected insult, Pappy picks on Shorty's unfortunate name (as Shorty is literally short).} 57
GOODBYE I have to go now. Disgust 75 We're all going to die! {pessimist saying "good bye"} 58
I have to go now. Happy 100 Have a crappy - ah what the hell! Have a good one! {misanthropist suddenly overcome with good cheer} 59
I'm going to go look around town. Disgust 25 We're doomed and so are you if you stick around. {Pappy is eternally cynical} 60
HELLO HELLO Happy 100 What the hell?! Oh it's you. {anger softening when he realizes who it is} 61
HELLO Disgust 50 Oh, great, another person trying to kill us all off. {Pappy always assumes the worst of people he meets.} 62
HELLO Fear 50 Red, have you got a sec? It’s about this wound on my arm. {Pappy is going to Red (the doctor) about a cut on his arm. He is sure that the wound is worse than it seems.} 63
HELLO Sad 50 We're all going to die here. There's no way we can survive out here in this mess. {Hopeless. Pappy sees no way out of the current situation.} 64
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey there, Kimba. {Random greeting to Kimba.} 65
HELLO Neutral 50 What do you think of the barricades, Shorty? {Pappy is always concerned about the barricades (the thin line between them and danger). He is soliciting Shorty's opinion for comfort.} 66
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey, Timebomb. You look like you're going to fall over dead. {Flat-toned. Pappy is not being sarcastic. He really believes Timebomb (or anyone for that matter) is going to die, and soon.} 67
HELLO Disgust 50 Never thought you'd make it, Sticky. Out of everyone who died trying to get here from Lamplight, we get you. {Pappy wants Sticky to know that he's as doomed as the rest of them.} 68
HELLO Fear 50 Anything out there, Flash? The Super Mutants and Raiders are coming back soon, aren't they? {Worried about the town being attacked again. Everyone is worried, but Pappy's concern borders on chronic depression.} 69
MS01CrowdSay MS01CrowdSay Surprise 100 I didn't think that'd work! {(cheering) in an excited cheering mob} 70
MS01CrowdSay Disgust 50 Um... I can still see you guys. {pessimistic (can see the people who are trying to hide)} 71
MS01CrowdSay Happy 75 Yeehaa! {(yelling to friends at a live firing range - having fun)} 72
MS01CrowdSay Fear 75 This is going to end in tragedy. {(pessimistic) learning how to plant land mines} 73
MS01CrowdSay Surprise 50 That bucket of bolts is supposed to protect us? {learning how to repair and program a robot defender} 74
MS01CrowdSay Disgust 50 Bleh! He's coming to tell us he failed! {(raised voice - pessimistic) in an excited mob greeting their would-be hero upon his return} 75
MS01CrowdSay Disgust 50 Bleh! She's coming to tell us she failed! {(raised voice - pessimistic) in an excited mob greeting their would-be heroine upon her return} 76


Attack Attack Anger 100 If I'm going to die, I'm taking one of you with me! 77


CombatToNormal CombatToNormal Fear 50 Is it over? {not really believing it} 78
NormalToCombat StartCombat Fear 100 Now we're dead. {hopelessly} 79