Paladin Danse final entry is a holotape in Fallout 4.


It can be found in Listening Post Bravo during the quest Blind Betrayal after Danse has committed suicide. Easiest way to ensure this is to leave Danse mid-conversation, go back up the elevator and walk towards the door until you get the notification to collect his dog tags. [verified]



As the minutes tick by and I stare at the walls of this godforsaken place, I'm still trying to cope with the reality that I am a living lie. My identity as Paladin Danse is nothing but a memory now. Everything I held dear, everything I've ever believed in is completely gone. I've spent far too long wondering why this happened to me, but the truth is, it doesn't matter. I am a synth... which means I am freak of nature, a perversion of science and an example of where mankind has gone wrong. For the benefit of humanity, I need to die. Not because I'm cowardly or despondent, but because it's the human thing to do. This is Danse, former Paladin of the Brotherhood of Steel, signing off.

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