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This is a transcript for dialogue with Gunny.


CitPaladinGunnyWhatDoYouDo What do you do here? Neutral 50 I am charged with the duty of turning these maggots into Brothers of Steel. 1
Sad 50 With the threat of the Enclave, they're likely going to be pressed into service before they've taken the oath. 2
Anger 50 So, I've got a lot of work to do. 3
DLC03TLCitadelEnclave So... Any thoughts on the Enclave? Neutral 50 We're going to kick their asses, plain and simple. And once we do... 4
Neutral 50 With all this new tech, and all this field experience... Well, we'll see who controls things around here then. 5
So... Any thoughts on the Enclave? Neutral 50 Cowards, the lot of them. Taking pot-shots at us from who knows where? That's no way to fight. 6
So... Any thoughts on the Enclave? Neutral 50 They're still cowards, far as I'm concerned. Hiding in their little bunkers, flying away first chance they get. 7
Neutral 50 We'll root 'em all out eventually. And the initiates that survive will be better trained than any group that came before 'em. 8
FFPATraining Can you train me to use Power Armor? Neutral 50 Heard you were coming. Yeah, I can train you. But don’t ask me to like it. My Initiates sweat blood, and you just get a free pass? 9
Neutral 50 Anyway... you ready for this? 10
FFPAWho Can someone in the Citadel train me to wear Power Armor? Neutral 50 That would be me. But that ain’t gonna happen. Not unless Elder Lyons himself gives you the all clear. 11
Neutral 50 You get permission from the old man, and I’ll teach you all you need to know. Otherwise, I’ve got enough brats to babysit. 12
GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 ...okay. You got all that? I think you know enough now to at least move around in Power Armor without killing yourself. That’s something, right? 13
Neutral 50 God help us all. 14
GREETING Neutral 50 Initiate! You got a lot of nerve interrupt... Oh, my apologies, stranger. I thought you were one of these worthless Initiates. 15
Neutral 50 I swear, these kids'd be lost without me here to powder their asses. 16
GREETING Neutral 50 I swear, these kids couldn't hit a barn door. Talk to me, say something to get my mind of these sorry ass recruits. 17
GREETING Happy 20 These kids couldn't hit the ass end of a Behemoth at five paces. You should get in there and show 'em a thing or two, eh? That'd be a laugh. 18
GREETING Neutral 50 Oh, good. Something to distract me. I swear, if I have to watch these kids miss targets for one more minute... 19
TLCitadelEnclave So... Any thoughts on the Enclave? Anger 70 Killing unarmed civilians... Makes me sick. Come over here, try fighting someone who shoots back. Fucking cowards. 20
TLCitadelSuperMutant Care to share anything about the Super Mutants? Neutral 50 Why you think I ride these Initiates so hard? I make training hell so fighting those Uglies won't be. 21


CitGladeTeachExplosives02 CitGladeTeachExplosives02 Neutral 50 Soldier, don't you dare start running that mouth until you can put one of those grenades through a fourth story window at 200 yards. 22
CitGladeTeachExplosives02 Neutral 50 Yeah, sure. That's one dead mutant. But the Brother who was using that car for cover is dead too. Learn to check your zone, maggot. 23
CitGladeTeachExplosives04 CitGladeTeachExplosives04 Neutral 50 You're damn right you will. And you'll keep at it until you learn to keep that mouth shut. We've got no room for braggarts here. 24
CitGladeTeachExplosives04 Neutral 50 Good choice. Pride has taken down more Brothers than I can count. You'd best remember that. 25
CitGladeTeachPistol02 CitGladeTeachPistol02 Neutral 50 Are you kidding me? It's not the weapon, Initiate! Try holding the gun properly instead of firing from the hip like some goddamned cowboy. 26
CitGladeTeachPistol02 Neutral 50 The weapon isn't the problem, Initiate. You just shoot like my goddamn grandmother. Actually, strike that, my Mrs. Gunny was a deadeye. 27
CitGladeTeachPistol04 CitGladeTeachPistol04 Neutral 50 Try loosening your grip, maggot. Hold the weapon higher see nothing but the sight and the target. Try not to screw it up this time. 28
CitGladeTeachPistol04 Neutral 50 Stop shooting with your eyes and your hand. A soldier kills with his heart. Focus. Lock on to your target and destroy it. Now give it another try. 29
CitGladeTeachRifle02 CitGladeTeachRifle02 Neutral 50 Then you've reached a new level of understanding. Combat does not take place in the brain. It is passion, instinct, and the will to survive. 30
CitGladeTeachRifle02 Neutral 50 You're not quite as worthless as you look. Remember, if you overthink combat, you're dead. You have to WANT to survive more than your enemy. 31
CitGladeTeachRifle04 CitGladeTeachRifle04 Neutral 50 So it was taught to me, so will you teach it some day. Enough jaw, maggot. Back to work. 32
CitGladeTeachRifle04 Neutral 50 The Brother who taught me was a wise man, Initiate. But even will requires practice. Back on point. 33
FFPAGunnyChatter FFPAGunnyChatter Neutral 50 Now look, to wear Power Armor, first thing you need to do is relax your muscles. Let the suit do the work. Okay? Now, you... 34
GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 If you'll excuse me, I need to go show these fish how to shoot straight. {Grumbling under his breath at the incompetency of his students.} 35
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Damn Initiates... {Grumbling under his breath at the incompetency of his students.} 36
HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 I'll train these marshmallows if it kills me... {Grumbling under his breath at the incompetency of his students.} 37