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This is a transcript for dialogue with Glade.


CitGladeGallows I know Gallows' real name. Neutral 50 Really? You're kidding me. What is it? 1
I want to talk about Gallows. Neutral 50 You figure out his name yet? Haha! Yeah, I thought not. 2
What's the story with Gallows? Neutral 50 Oh man, there's something wrong with that boy. Ain't nobody around here that even knows his real name. 3
Neutral 50 We got a betting pool in the pride, whole pot goes to the first person who can find out his real name. 4
CitGladeGallows1 What's the pool up to? Neutral 50 It's gotta be, what? 2000 caps now? Boy's a mystery, no doubt about it. 5
Neutral 50 If you can figure out his real name, the money's all yours. 6
CitGladeGallows2 No one knows his name? Neutral 50 Nope. No one knows his name, where he comes from nothin'. He's a mean little bastard for sure. 7
Neutral 50 He'd be a Paladin by now for sure, except that he ain't got no interest in leadin'. Only killin'. I'm just glad he's on our side. 8
CitGladeGallowsName1 You never did tell me what I'd win. Happy 50 Ha! Good point. The pool is up to about 1,000 caps these days. 9
Neutral 50 Now, c'mon! C'mon! What's his name? 10
CitGladeGallowsName2 It's Irving. Neutral 50 Hahahaha! Irving! Are you serious? 11
Neutral 50 Oh man... wait until the other guys hear this... Irving! 12
Neutral 50 Here's the pool. You earned it! 13
CitGladeGallowsNameEND On second thought... I think I'll keep it to myself. Neutral 50 Ha! It's not like he'd tell you anyway. 14
DLC03TLCitadelEnclave So... Any thoughts on the Enclave? Neutral 50 This plan sounds crazy, doesn't it? 15
Neutral 50 I mean, I guess it's all we have. If we can't pull this off, they're going to roll right over us. So we might as well try. 16
So... Any thoughts on the Enclave? Neutral 50 They've got us by the throat now. If we give them room to recover, there's no way we're going to be able to stop them. 17
Neutral 50 We'll keep fighting. It's all we can do. But I can't see this ending well. 18
So... Any thoughts on the Enclave? Neutral 50 We've held out pretty well. If we keep them on the defensive, and can keep pressing them, we've got a good shot at winning this fight. 19
Neutral 50 Things are looking a hell of a lot better than they were a few weeks ago. 20
GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Glad to see you and that egghead Li made it here in one piece. I heard what happened at that purifier. Hell of thing. 21
GREETING Neutral 50 'can I do for you, kid? 22
GREETING Neutral 50 Good to see you in one piece, partner. What can I do for you? 23
GREETING Neutral 50 What do you need? 24
TLCitadelEnclave So... Any thoughts on the Enclave? Fear 10 Man, I don't know. Fighting Uglies is one thing, but we've never gone up against anyone that well trained or organized. Even their tech is better. 25
Surprise 20 Don't get me wrong. The Pride's in it to win it, and I'll go down shooting if I have to. I just hope I don't have to. 26
TLCitadelSuperMutant Care to share anything about the Super Mutants? Anger 10 Man, nothing dies like an Ugly. I once saw Colvin snipe the leg off of one at 200 yards. Thing pirouetted like a figure skater! {laughing while he says this.} 27
TLLyonsPride What can you tell me about the Lyons' Pride? Happy 50 You my friend, are talking about the most elite fighting force ever assembled within the Brotherhood of Steel. 28
Neutral 50 Each of us was handpicked by Sentinel Lyons herself. You can't even realize what an honor that is. Sarah defines combat excellence. 29
What do you do here?
So what's your job in the Lyons' Pride? Neutral 50 Me? Heavy weapons. Miniguns, Missile Launchers... If it's bigger than a human and goes boom, I'm all over it. 30


CitTalkDuskGlade2 CitTalkDuskGlade2 Neutral 50 Are you kidding? A couple of inches? So you get the nose instead of the eye. Who cares? 31
CitTalkDuskGlade2 Neutral 50 A couple of inches? So you'd have taken out his nose instead of his eye? So what! 32
CitTalkDuskGlade4 CitTalkDuskGlade4 Neutral 50 You're really scary, Dusk. Has anyone ever told you that? 33
CitTalkDuskGlade4 Neutral 50 You're a frightening woman, Dusk. Anyone ever tell you that? 34
GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 Back to it. {Grumbling under his breath at the incompetency of his students.} 35
HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 Damn, Dusky. You're a beast with that rifle. 36
HELLO Neutral 50 Goddamn, Dusk. Pretty good shootin'. 37