The Palace of the Winding Path is a location in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia in 2102.


The palace was a spiritual retreat center founded by a cultist named Cyrus. Its architecture is based on Indian and Nepalese buildings, as it looks similar to a Buddhist temple. Cyrus, the founder of the temple, created a cult based on self-enlightenment, spirituality and willpower, and offered to everyone a path to enlightenment.

Simon Gladwell, a prior Cyrus disciple, saw an opportunity to make profit at cost of the cultists, and created a big marketing and business scheme while hiding his shady operations from Cyrus.[1]

After the Great War, the cultists took advantage of their isolated location and spiritual bond and survived in the temple. Later, when the Diehards established contact with them, both groups started making deals, as trading or making a copy of the Margie McClintock key holotape.

Apparently, the entire cult disappeared literally overnight, as the Diehards found the next day after visiting them, when they went back to the temple and it was empty.[2]


There is a back entrance to the palace that gives access through the basement. There are two chemistry stations, a tinker's workbench, an armor workbench, and a weapons workbench all in the basement and a cooking station in the kitchen.

Notable lootEdit

  • Child's note - Inside of the highest gazebo on the pond.
  • Cyrus's concern - Holotape, on an office desk in the basement.
  • Incense complaint - Note, on a desk in the western room near the north entrance.
  • About the noise - Note, sitting on a desk next to a television, close to the north entrance.
  • Margie's goodbye note - In Margie's backpack on the roof of the palace.
  • Palace admin password - In a dresser on the ground floor during the quest Key to the Past.
  • Pillars of Transcendence - Holotape, in the holotape duplication terminal during Key to the Past.
  • Diehards key fragment - Holotape, can be duplicated from the holotape duplication terminal during Key to the Past.
  • Unsent letter - Note, inside of the upper rooms, in the same are as the small bar, sitting under a night stand.
  • Random Vault-Tec bobblehead - In the basement, same area as the fusion generator. Inside the shallow water below the machinery on the north-west side. The bobblehead is touching north-eastern "leg" of the machine.
  • Random magazine - Below a red couch on the top floor, directly above the north entrance.
  • Random armor plan - On top of an empty filing cabinet opposite of the tinker's workbench in the access tunnel, on the far right.
  • Random recipe - In the kitchen area, next to the sink.
  • Random weapon mod - Inside the basement, within a metal surgical table, inside the first shelf.
  • Two fusion cores:
    • In a generator in the basement.
    • On the metal shelves next to the generator in the basement.


The Palace of the Winding Path appears only in Fallout 76.

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