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Well, I oversee all the construction. I'm in charge of that much, at least. This place needs to get big and safe, fast. Sometimes, people need a little nudge... or a little encouragement... or sometimes, just a swift kick in the pants! That's where I come in.

Paige is the de facto leader of the Settlers living in Appalachia.


Right after the Great War, Paige and other survivors took the last train out of Union Station in Washington, D.C.. As they left the Capital they saw the toxic green air lingering above the city.[1] Paige and his group eventually reached the ruins of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, where they would stay until it became too dangerous, and they had to leave. Led by Paige, a large group of settlers went south, arriving in Appalachia and setting up the settlement known as Foundation at Spruce Knob.[1] Although not serving in an official capacity, Foundation inhabitants refer to him as their leader.[2][3]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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Other interactions

  • Paige is first encountered in the quest Here to Stay, after the Vault 76 overseer asks the Vault Dwellers to warn him of the threat of the Scorched Plague to the Settlers and have them inoculated with the vaccine. Paige is initially hesitant to trust them and asks that they meet with Aubrie Willem and tell him of the threat. If Aubrie agrees to the vaccine, then Paige will support it as well. Once Aubrie is found and told of the threat and has it passed back to Paige, he will agree to have his Settlers inoculated. He is a little surprised later to find the vaccine comes as a new flavor of Nuka-Cola, but nonetheless expresses his gratitude for protecting his Settlers from the Scorched and Scorchbeasts.
  • Trade Secrets - Paige suggests finding someone who can provide a drilling machine capable of breaking into Vault 79, so that the Settlers do not have to use the reinforced Vault front door instead, believing that the Motherlode drill from Hornwright Industrial could help.
  • Invisible Ties - Paige suggests speaking to Jen about finding a stealth suit that could help bypass the security lasers preventing further entry into the Vault should they be tripped and trigger a security lockdown.
  • Duty Calls - Paige remembers some United States Army special forces that have been tailing the Settlers from The Pitt that could help scavenge the tools needed to bypass the RobCo automated defense turrets serving as the final line of defense in Vault 79 and sends the Vault 76 Dwellers to rendezvous with them by signaling them with waving the Stars and Stripes to get their attention.
  • Paige can be chosen over Meg and her raiders for a raid on Vault 79 after telling him of the Vault being where the United States' gold bullion reserves have been stored and how it could help rebuild Appalachia's economy.


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Clean steel worker uniform


Paige appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.

Behind the scenes

  • In Bethesda's Inside The Vault, Paige is described as the former head of the Construction Workers Union in Washington, D.C.[4]
  • At some point between the trailer release and final release, Paige's hair was changed from a short haircut to balding.



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