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This is a transcript for dialogue with Paige.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00570D5E 003FCB09 Thanks for saving Aubrie. Gave a first hand on this plague of yours. We'll take the vaccine whenever it's ready.
2 004286EC Thanks for saving Aubrie. He's pissed you tried to leave him behind, but he's madder at the Scorched Plague. We're ready for the vaccine whenever.
28 005554E4 Everyone pulls their own weight at Foundation.
29 005554E5 It seems like as soon as we fix one thing in this place, another breaks.
30 005554E6 Sometimes I look around and I'm amazed at what we've built here.
31 005554E8 There's always more work to do here at Foundation.
32 005554E9 You've been a huge part of Foundation's success. Thank you.
83 00597835 You've got some nerve. Scram before I call for Captain Fields.
84 00597836 You're no friend of Foundation, and you've got no friends here. Just leave.
85 00597837 Go back to your friends at the Crater. We don't need people like you around here.
92 00570D5F 00590152 I'm kinda busy here. Make it quick.
93 00590153 What can I do for ya?
94 00590154 I don't suppose you know anything about plumbing? I could use a good pipe man.
134 00590242 00590255 There's not too much to tell. Everyone does what they can around here, even Davie lends a hand.
135 That's not to say we expect him to be self sufficient, of course. He's a kid.
136 00590244 0059025A Plumbing. Water is a big deal. Gotta bring it in, clean it up, distribute it, then take it away and dispose of it.
137 You can always tell a well run town by the quality of its plumbing and water.
138 00590246 00590256 Well, I oversee all the construction. I'm in charge of that much at least.
139 This place needs to get big and safe, fast.
140 Sometimes people need a little nudge, or a little encouragement, or sometimes just a swift kick in the pants.
141 That's where I come in.
164 00595B4B 005554E7 We can always use more hands.
179 0059E0D5 0059E0F4 It's going about how you might expect. I'm pretty busy, so if there's nothing else? when you are annoyed with someone but you're at work
180 0059E0F5 Hey! Busy, but I can't complain. Hope you're doing alright, too.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 003FC0E9 003FC0EC Hope you don't mind us settling in your neighborhood, 'cause we're already kind of here.
2 And if you want to kick us out, then the answer's "no." If the walls weren't already kind of a statement to that effect.
3 003FC0EA 003FC0EB Well, uh, this is a little awkward. You're from one of the local Vaults, right?
5 004286DE Not to come across unfriendly, but... what are you doing here?
6 004286DF Can I... help you?
13 00428767 You talk to Aubrie yet?
14 00428768 You find Aubrie's camp? Should be him and about four or five others.
15 00428769 What'd Aubrie have to say about this disease you keep talking about?
16 00590483 If you think some concocted disease is going to scare us, think again.
17 00590484 So, you going to check on Aubrie or not?
37 00402A2D 00402A88 South of here. Aubrie and a few hunters. About five people.
38 00402A2F 00402A8C Assuming he agrees with you about this disease, then we'll hear you out.
39 00402A35 00402A69 Thanks for the warning, but, you know, if I was a local on a campaign to keep people out of my neighborhood, I might say a few things too.
40 I'll tell you what. One of my own is a doctor. Aubrie. I sent him ahead to start up an observation camp. Get the lay of things.
41 You talk to him about this. If he's convinced, then I'm convinced, too. Deal?
42 00402A36 00402A71 You mean those crazies with the torched skin? Those aren't just burn victims? You're saying it's from a disease?
43 00402A38 00402A95 Huh. That might just explain a few things... But you're saying it's an infection? All my people are at risk?
44 00402A3C 00402A84 Here and there. This way and that. You understand what I'm saying? They'll be time for swapping stories when the job here's done.
45 But let's just say we like building things. There's a... security to it, you know? Foundation's just the start. "Foundation" refers to the name of the town you've built
46 00402A3E 00402A7A Yeah. We'll be doing the same.
47 00402A40 00402A8F Awfully polite. Guess that's as good a start as any. More than we've learned to expect, at any rate.
48 00402A42 00402A77 Inoculated? This some kind of scare tactic?
49 004286B1 004286C9 Sacrifices had to be made, huh? Heard that before. Guess your Appalachia's no different than the rest of the Wasteland.
50 We'll do what you want. Let me know when that inoculation is ready.
51 004286B2 004286D1 *sigh* First the water in Pittsburgh, now this. God damn it. I can't just move these people again...
52 You win. We'll hand out your inoculation whenever it's ready.
53 004286B3 004286CE Don't. You. Dare. You have any idea how many people I've lost just getting here!?
54 Look, you've made your point. We'll hand out your inoculation, but I'm keeping an eye on you.
55 004286B4 004286D2 Damn it. Fine. You made your point. I'll hand out this inoculation of yours whenever it's ready.
56 004286B5 005A2263 What? They're... those things now? Jesus. We shouldn't have sent them alone...
57 You said you have an inoculation? Fine. We'll take all you can make. Just let me know when it's here.
58 004286B6 00428766 He's dead? This was your damn Appalachia virus, wasn't it?
65 00590465 0059047B Dammit. Looks like I'll be paying a few families a visit soon.
66 All right. If Aubrie's behind you, so am I. I'll get the details from him when he gets back.
67 If you need to resupply, you should give Sunny a visit. Hell, after that ordeal, if you see a free bed in the boarding house, rest up.
68 For now, you just hold up your end of the deal and get us that inoculation.
81 00590471 004286CA What? They're... those things now? Jesus. We shouldn't have sent them alone...
82 You said you have an inoculation? Fine. We'll take all you can make. Just let me know when it's here.
83 0042876A What? They can't all be... How hard did you look? They would've had fall back spots picked out. grasping at straws
84 00590488 You locals sure are something. If you weren't offering help that we needed, I'd have you thrown out on your tail.
85 I'll get the details from Aubrie, but sounds like you got some work ahead of you.
86 So why don't you get out of here, Vault Dweller. And when you come back, it better be with that inoculation you've been speaking so highly of.
90 00590478 00590481 Nice to know I'm dealing with a reasonable person. Never know what kind of morons we'll stumble across out here.
92 005A225D 004286E9 Go on... player told you that you are infected with the Scorched Plague


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 004058F3 00405901 You can't handle my dulcet voice. Get out of here!
2 004058F4 0040590C They keep their distance, but they've always helped us out when we've needed them. It'll work.
3 004058F5 004058FA I don't know, something about mission protocols. They seem like ex-military to me, but I haven't exactly checked their records. Just be careful.
4 004058F6 00405912 Yeah well, you go be the big hero then. I've got shit to do.
5 004058F7 0040591E All right. Just so you know, these people are, uh, rigid when it comes to how they contact each other. They have this whole signaling thing they do.
6 I'm gonna mark a spot on your map. Go there and wave the flag there-the old stars and stripes.
7 That will let them know you're the one. They'll tell you what to do from there.
8 004058F8 0040591F The blueprints don't exactly list the spec sheet, but there's a LOT of install ports and wide open space. Penny's started calling it the Grim Reaper's Hallway.
9 I had to reach out to some... specialists who've been shadowing us since the Pitt. They've agreed to meet, but they want to talk to you first.
10 004058F9 004059B1 So, I saw Jen and Penny are working on that stealth tech. Guess it's time we talked about those laser turrets, huh?


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
48 004058F1 0040C6EC You really know that whole "over-deliver" mantra, don't you? Captain Fields and his soldiers say they're here to stay.
91 0040C6E8 0040C6ED We got the crew and the equipment. All that's left is to get to work. You let me know when you're ready, because once we start it's gonna be real noisy.
178 0059299A 00592876 No, we're all ready here. You've built a team and we're all just waiting on you to lead it.
179 Just let me know when you're ready. Duped from Data\Sound\Voice\SeventySix.esm\W05_NPCM_Paige\00402A98_3.xwm
180 00592E5F 00592E60 Captain Fields and his soldiers say they're here to stay. Copy earlier line, remove part from the earlier line. 0040C6EC_1


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00592503 00592877 We'll gather everything up and meet you there. Gonna be a job to remember.
2 00592506 00592878 Alright, just let me know when you are.
3 00592507 0040C6F4 We're all waiting on your word. No use just sitting around, right?


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
4 0040E020 0040E025 Look, I've got an entire settlement to manage. I don't have time to track every single person's comings and goings.
5 What's more, I trust she's smart enough to take care of herself.
6 0040E021 0040E024 She said she needed to check on the Motherlode. Some final prep? I understood maybe half of it? Some of it? None of it.
7 Didn't think it would take this long though.
8 0040E022 0040E27F Hey. Waiting on Doctor Hornwright. You didn't happen to run into her on the way, did you?
84 00584A33 00584A34 Damn raiders! Well, I guess it's up to you now. Here, Penny gave me this spare ID card. It should get you in. Initially angry, muttering about the raiders almost under your breath, rhetorically. Then, talking to the player and feeling worried.
85 We'll wait for you here. Good luck.
103 0058F93D 0058F955 Everything's in your hands now. Grave, sympathetic
104 0058F956 Those Raiders have no idea what's coming. Confident
105 0058F957 Give 'em hell, Seventy-Six. Confident
106 0058F958 You'll get Doctor Hornwright back. I know it.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
15 0040C244 0040FC0F You've secured our way down to the vault pretty handily, haven't you?
16 I just can't believe your luck in finding Doctor Hornwright.
41 0040E42A 0040E445 Don't be modest, it makes it even more impressive.
44 00410026 00410027 Honestly? Maybe, she's tougher than she seems. She's been with us for a while, so I can vouch for her loyalty at least.
45 She said she has a way to beat the grid, so I'm inclined to believe her.
46 Anyway, her name is Jen. Go talk to her, and I'll get back to work on figuring out a plan for these military grade turrets.
88 005872E6 005872FF Oh! Right, sorry. I've been focusing on the problem too long. Tunnel vision.
89 Let's see... Uh, basically the problem is that there's really serious laser grids. The kind you can't just cut the power to disable.
90 It's like nothing I've ever seen before. If they lose power for even a fraction of a second, they'll lock the whole thing down for hours, days maybe.
91 005872E7 005872F9 She's getting some equipment brought down, I think. Better run unless you want to find yourself carrying consoles around.
92 Oh, but before you get going though, let's talk business.
106 0058BD64 0058BD6C Alright. I've been working on the next problem we need to solve for busting into Vault 79. That doozy of a laser grid.
107 I figure that we've got some experienced scavengers in Foundation already, folks who know a thing or two about busting bunkers... small ones anyway.
108 Thing is, before I even start asking around, our youngest scavenger pops up to tell me she's got it handled. Handled, before I even told her the problem!


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
16 0041CB78 0041CB80 I think so. Jen? Radcliff?
17 0041CB79 0041CB87 I know, I know. We'll get it opened for you. You can count on us.
18 0041CB7A 0041CB82 United we stand and all that? Sounds good to me.
19 0041CB7B 0041CB81 Yeah. You're right. Let's get this demo started.
20 0041CB7C 0041CC61 Doctor Hornwright told us what happened. Filthy Raiders. Nothing but a bunch of lowlife scabs.
21 00586E5A This is no place for me.
75 0055C265 0055C268 Let's crack this Vault.
80 0055F1B6 0055F1B8 Is something wrong? Why did you come back?
81 0055F1BA It looks like everyone is here.
82 0055F1BB We need to get started.
83 0055F1BC That tunnel looks ominous. Hopefully you won't encounter any issues.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
21 003FBFA7 0042A0DA We're ready to hand out the inoculation as soon as it's here.
22 0042A0DB Still waiting on that inoculation you promised.
23 0042A0DC Got that vaccine yet?
119 00429944 00429967 Still don't know what to think of you, Vault Dweller, but... well, saving us from your plague is a good start. You watch out for you and yours out there.
120 00429945 00429974 We don't have to "be" anything, but fine. We'll hand it out with the next ration.
121 00429947 0042996A Fine. Everyone could use a drink, anyway.
122 00429949 00429975 All right. All right. Don't get mad.
123 0042994B 0042996D Well, I guess I should be impressed if you went to all the trouble of making it easy to take.
124 0042994F 0042996C Well you ain't GETTING more. Don't push it. Now let's see this inoculation of yours.
125 Wait. This is Nuka-Cola. What are you trying to pull here?
126 00429951 00429979 Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't an inoculation be in a needle? This is a case of Nuka-Cola.
127 00429953 0042996F You. Asshole. Fine. Here. Now let's see it.
128 This is the inoculation? Nuka-Cola bottles?
131 00429957 0042998D What's this? Nuka-Cola? Nice looking label, I guess. What gives?


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00403460 00403476 Yeah. So am I. You don't like reality? Deal with it. Get out there and find us a drill for this crazy plan of yours.
2 Appalachia is your stomping grounds, right? This whole area was mining country. Plenty of drilling companies around for you to look into.
3 00403462 0040347D Well hand drills ain't gonna cut it, I can tell you that right now. We need something industrial level.
4 Appalachia's mining country, right? We need something like that. Breach through miles of hard rock in a minute.
5 Maybe check a few of the drilling equipment companies? See if they left anything behind?
6 00403464 00403474 That's, uh, the mining conglomerate, right? Yeah, that might just work.
7 I'll start talking to folks about how we can crack the rest. You keep up your end, we might just be in business.
8 00403466 0040347A If it was just cutting, lifting, a little mortar work, we got that covered, but that's not what you're asking for.
9 We need to find a weak point in this structure and bust through it. That means drilling into reinforced, lead-lined concrete and steel.
10 You find us something that can do that, we can handle finding the right spot to hit for ya.
11 00403468 0040347B Yeah. Well, I mean, we could start thinking about the rest of this nonsense. Laser trip wires, how the hell are we gonna handle that?
12 Ah, well, one thing at a time. You get us a big enough drill, we can find the right spot to hit. Every structure's got its weak point.
13 0040346A 0040347C Hmm... I can think of a few ways that gold could help us.
14 So you just need someone to do a job, huh? Yeah, we know the drill. Long as we get paid, we won't have any problems.
15 But let's talk practical before we sign on. The demo work for bringing down a Vault needs serious equipment.
16 0040346C 00403475 You got some grand scheme to re-ignite "the basis of capital" and all that other money talk the lobbyists on the Hill would always yammer about?
17 That's all well and good, but my concern is how that gold can help us right here, right now. How it can help the people of Foundation.
18 *sigh* Look, let's say I believe you. A structure like this, you'd need some serious equipment to do any demo work.
19 0040346E 00403477 We're usually in the "build" not "break" business. But sometimes you gotta demolish an old space, so... maybe...
20 Why? Which Vault are we talking about?
21 00403470 00403478 What? You want us to build a Vault? That's a little outside of our usual work order...
22 Huh. Oh, I see... interesting. Client was obviously paranoid about security. Lasers. Turrets. Super-thick walls... looking over the blueprints
23 This is about that treasure, isn't it? So it's not bull, after all. It's in this Vault. And you want us to help you get it.
24 00403472 00403479 You keep coming around. At this rate, we'll have to get you to build a house for yourself. Oh wait, you dwellers have that whole C.A.M.P. thing going on...
25 0054861C The Vault Dweller from seventy-six. What is it?
26 0054861D You want to talk? What is it?
27 00548614 0054861E The real opportunity is what that gold can do for Foundation. For the people living here.
28 Demo-ing a Vault isn't just some routine work order, though. Gonna need some serious equipment to pull off.
29 00548616 0054861A Then we can't really help, can we? Vaults have a lot similarities between them, but they can be all kinds of weird on the inside.
30 You want us to help? We need to know more.
31 00548618 0054861F Huh. Oh, I see... interesting. Client was obviously paranoid about security. Lasers. Turrets. Super-thick walls... reading the blueprints
32 This is about that treasure, isn't it? So it's not bull, after all. It's in this Vault. And you want us to help you get it.
33 00590A15 00590A17 It could be used to barter for all kinds of things we need. Supplies. Better defenses. Materials to build and expand.
34 We could get a real foothold here, not just for today, but for the future.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
71 0054EDEC 0059C5A1 Well, it's done. Something really complicated, time consuming and difficult is done.
126 005526D4 005834E0 Remember our arrangement. I'm here to collect.
202 005834CA 005834DD I was afraid of that.
203 005834CB 005834D7 You're making a mistake. Those goons will just squander it. But I guess half is better than none.
204 005834CC 005834DF Thank you. Foundation and the Overseer will put this to good use.
208 005834CF 005834E3 Paige. I speak for Foundation.
210 005834D1 005834D5 I couldn't agree more.
343 0059DCD0 0059DCDF Yeah, whatever.
344 0059DCE0 Bye. I'll see you around Foundation later, right?
345 0059DCE1 Bye. Saying goodbye to someone you didn't want to talk to in the first place.
346 0059DCD2 0059DCE2 Frankly, I don't see why you're asking. I don't see why I should tell you anything.
347 0059DCE3 We've got plans to disassemble some water and air purifiers and move them back to the settlement, get some other infrastructure set up.
348 Nothing too exciting for someone like you, I'm sure.
349 0059DCE4 Go back to Foundation and rethink a lot of our future plans. We can't do everything I hoped to do for a while, but we'll still get there eventually.
350 A lot of what would've gone to improve peoples' lives is going to have to go to defenses and arming ourselves. I guess that's just how it goes.
351 What's the saying? Everything that's old is new again.
352 0059DCD4 0059DCD9 Get out of my face with that shit. What cut? Asshole.
353 0059DCDA It's really exciting. There's so much we can do to really, genuinely improve folks' lives in Foundation.
354 Thanks for sticking with us, for caring about what happens to Foundation. We couldn't have asked for more.
355 0059DCDB It's certainly not what I expected. I guess you must've done this for your own reasons.
356 Maybe you thought it would keep the raiders from coming down on us. I don't know. It won't work. People like that ... they just hate everyone. It's too late to help them.
357 0059DCD6 0059DCE5 I don't want to get into this with you. WE did it. All of us, all together. We should've shared in the rewards. That's why your decision is so disappointing.
358 0059DCE6 We did. I knew we could pull it off with the right crew, but you certainly did a hell of a job yourself.
359 Just thinking about everything we can do now is exciting. Seriously, thank you. The future's looking brighter than I ever expected.
360 0059DCE7 It's hard for me to understand why you'd give anything to those people. Killers and thieves. Do you think you've kept them at bay with this offering?
361 I guess I don't need to understand, though.
362 0059DCD8 0059DCDC It's hard to believe that we actually did it. You know? But it was worth it.
363 0059DCDD All of that and for what? speaking somewhat to yourself here, complaining to someone who caused your problems
364 0059DCDE After everything we've been through together ... you know what? I don't want to talk about it right now with you. Getting a bit upset with someone but then pulling back from that to be the bigger person


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
119 004299D3 0057BB75 Come join us for some music. We play every night.
120 0057BB76 Every night we play music on the deck. You don't want to miss it.
121 0057BB77 This is a great way to end the day.
122 0057BB78 Its nice to relax to some music at the end of the day.
123 0057BB79 Time to get some shut eye.
124 0057BB7A Time for bed. I'm tired. Building this place is hard work.
125 0057BB7C Morning. greeting
145 0059F00D Another day of hard work.
146 0059F00E Afternoon. greeting
147 0059F00F Evening. greeting


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
231 005751A5 0057BB7B I've made a lot of friends here in Foundation. Nobody special yet though, if you know what I mean.


(Paige's journal, entry 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 005856D7 0058570D Well, it's done. We raided the Vault, found a bunch of actual, living secret service goons there. Who could've anticipated that?
2 Things have been set in motion to maybe change things around here for the better.
3 Timeline's iffy though, we'll have to build up some scratch before we're welcome at the table. Then, maybe we can think about expanding around here.
4 We've got a lot of newcomers who'll want to put down homesteads, work with Foundation to secure this area against the growing threat of Crater.
5 We can do this. We've got to do this. trying to convince yourself "you got this"
6 005856D8 005856FC Well, it's done and over with. I guess I understand the desire to divide things up evenly between the folks in Crater and us in Foundation. ... existentially tired not physically tired, idk
7 I'm not sure I see any scenario where they use their funds in a way that's good for the overall community of Appalachia, but maybe I'm missing something.
8 Anyway, we need to focus on making the best of things here for our people. Protecting everybody here and enriching their lives with what we've got.
9 I'll have to have a meeting with Ward and some of the others to figure out our plans for expansion, homesteads, and so on.
10 Not sure how much we can expand and still protect our own, so it's going to have to be planned thoroughly before we do anything. I want to believe we can. trying to convey confidence but it's not clear if something is possible.
24 005856E9 005856FF Well, we did it! Hopefully that's the hard work done. This is just a huge step forward for our community, and for Appalachia as a whole.
25 I know those raiders can't be too happy, but honestly ... what did they expect? Their philosophy for life is pure hubris.
26 It's not freedom to let people just shoot each other up, or steal with no consequences. It's pure chaos.
27 Anyway, if they come looking to cause trouble, we ought to be ready. I'd tell Ward to double the guard for a bit, but he likely already has.
28 Next thing we need to do is discuss how we can expand, we have a lot of folks just starting out who need homes, farms, businesses.
29 Time to start drawing up plans. We don't want to rush into anything without thinking about sustaining this place, protecting the people here. Better call a meeting with Ward and such.
30 005856EA 00585711 Hell, Fields finally brought his people into the fold. Took him long enough.
31 I guess for those three, coming here was about trying to find another unit to join. When that unit ended up being dead, they didn't know where else they belonged.
32 Well, Foundation's community will do them some good. Do us some good too.
33 005856EB 005856FB I'm worried about Jen. That last mission was rough for her. Who'd have thought her mother was alive and in some kinda underground communist pyramid?
34 Certainly not me, I'm not into speculative fiction anymore.
35 Maybe there's something we can do to raise her spirits. Spaghetti night, or hell, maybe some campfire songs and moonshine.
36 *snaps his fingers* Scavenger run into Watoga's comic shop, that's the way. Maybe the good doctor can lend a hand with all the killer robots.
37 005856EC 0058570C Oh, sure. No rush, I'll be here when you want to talk some more. She starts to leave while you're still talking, so you call out a bit to her.
42 005856EE 00585707 I don't want to make you uncomfortable, but you're the first ghoul to join our community. We haven't had the chance to talk to many ghouls. How'd it happen? being delicate about a medical condition
45 005856F0 00585704 Uh huh. Not much of a job market these days, huh? kidding
47 005856F2 00585701 Of course, Daniel Hornwright. I read the papers. Back when we ... had papers to read. So you're a scientist?
49 005856F4 005856FD Whenever we get someone new to Foundation, I take the time to meet them. I ask them their name, their story, take their measure. For posterity, sorta.
50 More so I don't forget, if I'm being honest. So today I'm talking to Doctor Penelope Hornwright. Are you willing to tell me about yourself, doctor? joking about forgetting
51 005856F5 0058570E Well, we arrived. We're finally here. It's a damn sight better than the Pitt.
52 Hopefully we can make a better go of things, now that folks won't be afraid to start families.
53 Some of us forgot what green, living things looked like after the war.
54 The only green we saw was the poison lingering in the air of the Capital, when we left on the last train out of Union Station.
55 There's so much energy to build when you finally think things might be able to last. It's a home, a real home, finally!