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Paige's journal, entry 5 is a holotape in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


Depending on how the gold was distributed during Secrets Revealed, one of the three tapes is found on the table surrounded by chairs in Paige's office at Founder's Hall. No version of the holotape will appear if the player character sided with Crater.


Gold Choice #1

Paige: Well, it's done. We raided the Vault, found a bunch of actual, living secret serviceIn-game spelling goons there. Who could've anticipated that? Things have been set in motion to maybe change things around here for the better. Timeline's iffy though, we'll have to build up some scratch before we're welcome at the table. Then, maybe we can think about expanding around here. We've got a lot of newcomers who'll want to put down homesteads, work with Foundation to secure this area against the growing threat of Crater. We can do this. We've got to do this.

Gold Choice #2

Paige: Well, we did it! Hopefully that's the hard work done. This is just a huge step forward for our community, and for Appalachia as a whole. I know those raiders can't be too happy, but honestly ... what did they expect? Their philosophy for life is pure hubris. It's not freedom to let people just shoot each other up, or steal with no consequences. It's pure chaos. Anyway, if they come looking to cause trouble, we ought to be ready. I'd tell Ward to double the guard for a bit, but he likely already has. Next thing we need to do is discuss how we can expand, we have a lot of folks just starting out who need homes, farms, businesses. Time to start drawing up plans. We don't want to rush into anything without thinking about sustaining this place, protecting the people here. Better call a meeting with Ward and such.

Gold Choice #3

Paige: Well, it's done and over with. I guess I understand the desire to divide things up evenly between the folks in Crater and us in Foundation. ... I'm not sure I see any scenario where they use their funds in a way that's good for the overall community of Appalachia, but maybe I'm missing something. Anyway, we need to focus on making the best of things here for our people. Protecting everybody here and enriching their lives with what we've got. I'll have to have a meeting with Ward and some of the others to figure out our plans for expansion, homesteads, and so on. Not sure how much we can expand and still protect our own, so it's going to have to be planned thoroughly before we do anything. I want to believe we can.