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Paige's journal, entry 2 is a holotape in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


The tape can be found on a counter in Founder's Hall, close to where the first journal entry is placed. It is available after the quest Trade Secrets.


Paige: Whenever we get someone new to Foundation, I take the time to meet them. I ask them their name, their story, take their measure. For posterity, sorta. More so I don't forget, if I'm being honest. So today I'm talking to Doctor Penelope Hornwright. Are you willing to tell me about yourself, doctor?

Penelope Hornwright: Sure. I was born before the war, around here. My father was something of a well known industrialist.

Paige: Of course, Daniel Hornwright. I read the papers. Back when we ... had papers to read. So you're a scientist?

Penelope Hornwright: Yes, a geochemist.

Paige: Uh huh. Not much of a job market these days, huh?

Penelope Hornwright: *laughs* I still use it, your farmers will appreciate the soil sample tests that I'm working on. But yes, mostly these days, I work with robots. I'm not an expert by pre-war standards, but around here I'm like Merlin.

Paige: I don't want to make you uncomfortable, but you're the first ghoul to join our community. We haven't had the chance to talk to many ghouls. How'd it happen?

Penelope Hornwright: Most communities have a shoot first policy, because of the ferals. As you can see, some of us do retain our essential personhood despite the physical changes. I was exposed to a large dose of radiation. I negotiated entry for my child in exchange for fixing a Vault's door. I knew I was going to get stuck outside, that I'd get dosed. I was the only one who could fix it, though. That was a long time ago. My daughter's nearly twenty now. Oh! Would it be alright if we got back to this later? My experiment timer is about to go off.

Paige: Oh, sure. No rush, I'll be here when you want to talk some more.


Despite Paige saying that Penelope is the first ghoul to join Foundation, generic settlers may spawn as ghouls even before her arrival.