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PagSoft was a software company that developed and published computer software in pre-War America.


One of their products was Journal-It Software, released in 2072. Another product was the Auto-dictator v223, a voice-to-text dictation program copyright 2074.

Journal-It Software

A terminal, identified as Server 5, in the Springvale Elementary School had a copy of Journal-It Software.[1] In 2277, an anonymous raider, with the user name of "suk me hahaha," wrote three log entries for this program wherein they narrated an account of their group's efforts in excavating a tunnel to Vault 101 from the basement of the school in an attempt to get access to the vault's pre-War technology and supplies.[1]

Another copy was used by Isabella Proud at her camp for documenting her research.[2] At SatCom Array NW-05a, the ghoul scientist used it to document her progress.[3] Ryan Brigg also used a terminal with the software in the Jury St. tunnels.[4]

Auto-dictator v223

The program was originally created in 2074[5] and featured onomatopoeia dictation, a phonetic spelling parser, automatic error correction, and many other amenities. The PagMem LLC software had to be configured to a particular user's voice for the full experience. The only person known to have used the Auto-dictator program is Dunwich Borers executive Herman Granger, although his terminal was later used by Jaime Palabras' father.[5]


PagSoft LLC is mentioned in Fallout 3.