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The paddle ball is a weapon in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


Despite it being a paddle ball, it is considered a gun due to its range. It also has an ammunition capacity of 20, which is replenished by visually flipping the paddle ball in the Sole Survivor's hand. In order to craft the more advanced mods for this weapon, the Project Cobalt schematics need to be picked up first, as the weaponized Nuka ammo cannot be obtained otherwise.

Weapon modifications

Slot Mod Description Weapon prefix Damage per shot change Weight change Weapon value change in caps Perk needed Components Base ID
Ball Rubber ball Standard. Rubber x4 xx047E63
Spiked ball Armor piercing. Better damage. Spiked +2 +0.5 +4 Adhesive x1
Rubber x4
Steel x2
Bladed ball Targets bleed. Better damage. Chance to dismember targets on critical hits. Bladed +2 +? Bleed +1 +5 Blacksmith 1 Adhesive x2
Rubber x4
Steel x4
Electrified ball Adds Electrical damage. Electrified +10 Energy +1.2 +10 Blacksmith 1
Science! 2
Adhesive x2
Aluminum x4
Circuitry x3
Gold x2
Rubber x4
Fire ball Adds Fire damage. Flaming +18 Fire +1.2 +15 Blacksmith 1
Science! 2
Adhesive x3
Asbestos x2
Circuitry x3
Copper x5
Rubber x4
Weaponized Nuka-Cola ball Adds small explosion on impact. Nuka-Cola +10 +1.5 +20 Blacksmith 2
Science! 2
Adhesive x4
Rubber x4
Steel x3
Weaponized Nuka-Cola ammo x5
Weaponized Nuka-Cola Cherry ball Adds explosion on impact. Nuka-Cola Cherry +25 +1.5 +30 Blacksmith 2
Science! 3
Adhesive x5
Circuitry x1
Rubber x4
Steel x3
Weaponized Nuka-Cherry ammo x5
Weaponized Nuka-Cola Quantum ball Adds large explosion on impact. Nuka-Cola Quantum +50 +1.5 +40 Blacksmith 3
Science! 4
Adhesive x7
Circuitry x2
Rubber x4
Steel x3
Weaponized Nuka-Cola Quantum ammo x5


Sold at the Nuka-Cade for 500 Nuka-Cade tickets (items rotate every couple of days).

  • Its ammunition, paddle ball strings, may also be purchased for 50 tickets (items rotate every couple of days).


The paddle ball is mentioned in the Strength video of the Fallout 4 S.P.E.C.I.A.L. video series as an "unreasonable" weapon.

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