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Paciencia is a unique weapon added with the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Gun Runners' Arsenal.


Paciencia blown up

Paciencia expanded

Compared to the standard hunting rifle, Paciencia does more damage, has a faster rate of fire and so a higher damage-per-second (DPS) value, does significantly higher critical hit damage, costs less AP, is more durable, and has a significantly higher caps value. However, its magazine size has been reduced to 3 – down from the standard's 5 and the modified's 10 – and has a slightly higher weight. It also uniquely has a zoom-in effect of x3.5 magnification when looking down the rifle's iron sights, equivalent to a top-tier scope. Like many unique weapons, Paciencia cannot be modified.

In appearance, it is less makeshift than regular hunting rifles. There are not any pieces of metal and duct tape holding the barrel and chassis together, the barrel is not visibly rusted, the stock is not damaged, and the wood furniture is in better condition. A Mexican flag is also wrapped around the stock for use as a makeshift cheek rest. There also appears to be tally marks etched just under the receiver.


Paciencia can fire a total of about 1,745 standard rounds, the equivalent of 582 reloads, from full condition before breaking.

Ammunition typeDurability
Standard, HP, & AP1745582



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Hunting rifle 52
Hunting rifle With all weapon mods attached 52
Paciencia Gun Runners' Arsenal55



  • While Paciencia has an equivalent critical hit damage multiplier to the anti-materiel rifle, unlike that weapon, it can be equipped with hollow point rounds. When this unique hunting rifle is equipped with hollow points, its critical damage is higher than the anti-materiel rifle's against most unarmored/lightly armored targets. With Better Criticals and HP rounds, it can even surpass the anti-materiel rifle against highly armored targets.
  • With the highest critical chance possible of 86% – done by combining V.A.T.S. + Light Touch + 2 * (10 Luck + Finesse + Built to Destroy + Ulysses' duster + 1st Recon beret + True Police Stories + Comprehension – on top of having both available critical damage bonus perks for this weapon (Better Criticals and Just Lucky I'm Alive), all regular damage bonus perks (Bloody Mess + Lonesome Road + Lord Death (Rank 3)) along with hollow point rounds, Fast Shot and Rapid Reload, Paciencia can be one of the strongest firearms in-game, capable of 811 DPS/471 DPS (reload) against unarmored targets and 597 DPS/347 DPS (reload) against targets with 25 DT without using any chems. Alternatively, the player could substitute Stealth Girl for Lonesome Road yielding 796 DPS/463 DPS (reload) against unarmored targets and 601 DPS/350 DPS (reload) against targets with 25 DT. Stealth Girl outperforms the Lonesome Road perk for targets with above 18 DT when using HP rounds.
  • With all available critical damage bonus perks Better Criticals, (Just Lucky I'm Alive, and Stealth Girl) HP rounds outperform both AP and JSP rounds for critical hits against targets with up to 57 and 37 DT respectively. With a high enough critical chance HP rounds outperform in DPS as well (with critical damage bonus perks). For a target with 25 DT, HP rounds have a higher DPS than AP and JSP rounds as long as critical hit chance is at or above 17% and 35% respectively.
  • Paciencia's access to HP rounds allows it to beat out the anti-materiel rifle and YCS/186 for 1 shot damage output with 2,544 damage for a sneak attack headshot to an unarmored opponent on normal difficulty with all relevant damage perks (Better Criticals, Just Lucky I'm Alive, Bloody Mess, the Lonesome Road perk and Lord Death (Rank 3)).

Behind the scenes[]

"Paciencia" in Spanish/Portuguese translates to "Patience." According to Joshua Sawyer, this name was chosen "Because you have three shots, so you had better make them count."[1]


SingleShotVB ReloadVB



  1. Question: "Oh alright, thanks. It means "patience" in Spanish? Why?"
    Joshua Sawyer: "Because you have three shots, so you had better make them count."
    Formspring 26 Sep 2011