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PIONEERBOOK: Camping is a paper note in Fallout 76.


The note can be found at Camp Adams, inside a tent at the northwestern end of the camp, next to a footlocker.



Primary considerations when planning a campsite:

WEATHER - this will determine the amount and type of gear you need. Be prepared for typical kinds of inclement weather, including high winds and rain. Print and laminate a detailed 10-day weather report as close to leaving as possible. Make sure your sleeping bags, jackets and underwear are all rated for the climate. Be sure to have appropriate layers.

TENTS - Choose an appropriate tent for the location and duration of your stay and the number of people that are going to be there. Camping in tents assume a close fit so make sure you're buddied up with someone you're comfortable with. Generally you can use a 3-season tent, but if you're planning on camping in the snow or at altitude you make need to bring a 4-season tent. Don't forget a repair kit, $8 can save you from a miserable night if rain seeps in through a hole.

SITING - make sure you choose an appropriate site. If you can, pitch your tents on wooden frames to get you off of the ground. If that's not possible, look for a durable surface like rock, bare ground, or gravel. Camp at least 200 feet from water and make sure you aren't downstream to avoid flooding. Look for a well shaded area to reduce temperature fluctuations, and don't forget to look up! Pitching your tent under a dead tree branch or near a rock slide can result in potential disaster.

WASTE MANAGEMENT - make sure you have bags to pack out human waste, toilet paper and other sanitary materials.

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