It is a Bethesda tradition to add giant versions of items to their games, and Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas are no exception.

Oversized and undersized items are items which are scaled larger or smaller than normal.

They can be used as unique decorations for your house. Items of unusual size exhibit slightly peculiar behavior compared to "regular" objects. You can pick them up from where you found them, and drop them elsewhere only once. You can keep them in your inventory, or in storage indefinitely (though you won't be able to tell them apart from a regular item of the same type). Drop them on the ground and they will still retain their size. However, if you pick the item up and drop it again, it will lose its "special" size and become a normal object. Resized items have priority over normal items when managing your inventory. Regardless of the amount of an item, or the order that the items are placed within your inventory/a container, the first item(s) that you drop from your inventory, or place into/remove from a container, will always be the resized item. If you decide to display the item in another location such as the Tenpenny Tower and you dropped it in My Megaton house, just shoot the resized item once, pick it up, and drop it again. Doing this will prevent the resized item from reverting to a normal object and retain its unique size.

Fallout 3Edit

Base gameEdit

Operation: AnchorageEdit

The PittEdit

  • The abandoned apartments (northwest of Haven) has some oversized red, green, and white dinner plates on the second floor. There are also a few tiny damaged lawn gnomes in the same building.

Broken SteelEdit

  • In the Old Olney underground, a small garden gnome can be found in the bathtub near the entrance (This gnome may not look small, but placing it next to a regular gnome reveals that it is). There is also a small red ball in this tub, and a very miniaturized sea tub, but neither object can be placed in the player's inventory.
  • Also in the Old Olney underground, there is a small basketball, it is located to the room on the left of the ramp leading up into the hospital. This room can easily be overlooked, as it is directly beside the ramp, and can only be accessed by hugging the wall on the left side.
  • In the Old Olney S. Wilson Building, there is a garden gnome smoking a cigarette and teddy bear drinking whiskey in the northwest corner of the third floor. The teddy bear is oversized, and near the teddy bear is a small pre-War bonnet and some sexy sleepwear. They are playing a game of cards with metro tickets.
  • In the Olney Powerworks, there is a teddy bear and a garden gnome playing checkers in a room accessed from a collapsed hallway access from the room with purple static and several sentry bots. The teddy bear and gnome here are both large. They are playing checkers with 8 small milk bottles and 8 small beers.
  • In the Olney Powerworks, there are two miniature spaceship playground models beside the two turrets in the locked down hallway. There are arrows pointing from underneath these models that reveal two ammunition boxes that hold a considerable amount of alien power cells, (mid 40's with the Scrounger perk).
  • In the presidential sub level, there is a small red ball in a small sub-room to the right as soon as you enter the area. The ball is located in a box with a regular toy car.
  • There is a small garden gnome behind a Nuka-Cola bottle underneath a desk in the Flight Control Tower in Adams Air Force Base.
  • There are 14 small forks in the mess hall of the launch platform base in the mobile base crawler. These forks each sit right next to a regular fork.

Point LookoutEdit

  • In Calvert Mansion, there is a child room much similar to the character's when he or she was a baby. In the room there is a child area with 2 red balls, one normal sized, the other small.
  • At Haley's Hardware there is a large damaged garden gnome at the front the door.
  • In the Calvert Mansion dining room, there are several small drinking glasses and forks on and around the table.
  • In the ritual site, there is a table with a dinner scene on it. There is a small damaged garden gnome, 2 small forks, 2 small wild punga fruits, and 3 small tin plates.
  • In the People's Bank of Point Lookout, in the bottom left-most deposit box, there is a small scene with a small intact garden gnome, small plunger, and small toilet.
  • Two undersized Nuka-Cola Quantums can also be found, one in the Calvert Mansion's Panic Room, the other in the trapper's shack's basement.
  • There is an extremely large red ball in Ruzka's lair, in the northwest.
  • In the Chinese Intelligence bunker, immediately to the right of the Backwater rifle, there are some undersized brahmin ribcages.
  • There are 2 undersized wild punga fruit on a table, 5 undersized Nuka-Cola bottles along with 1 undersized Nuka-Cola Quantum, and three undersized yeast inside the Panic Room.
  • There is one undersized damaged garden gnome in the flooded sinkhole.

Mothership ZetaEdit

  • In Robot assembly hidden on the other side of the assembly line is an undersized intact garden gnome and a normal teddy bear positioned in front of an undersized television.
  • In Cryo lab in a small storage room located behind the button that releases ghouls and raiders from their stasis is an undersized intact garden gnome.


  • Select the item then use the setscale # command. After quick save and quick load, the item will change to the scale you specified.
    • Teddy bears will glitch. It is more apparent the larger you make them. Fast traveling to another place and coming back will fix the appearance, however it may glitch into other objects.
    • For those who accidentally lost the size to their treasured large teddies: (numbers indicate scale)
      • Red Racer: 2.56.
      • Snipershack: 1.54.
      • Zane house: 1.50.
      • Satcom NN03: 4.8

Fallout: New VegasEdit

Base gameEdit

Honest HeartsEdit

Old World BluesEdit

  • A hot plate approximately 25% smaller than its normal size can be found in a house in Higgs Village.

Lonesome RoadEdit


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