Overseer Rubin personal entry 00897332 is a note in Fallout 3.


This note is added to the Lone Wanderer's Pip-Boy after reading the Personal Entry 000897332 entry on Richard Rubin's terminal in his office in Vault 92.



As per instructions, the broadcast equipment for the White Noise has been rerouted from the sound booths and tied directly into the entire Vault's loudspeaker system. I'll now be able to execute Vault-Tec Confidential Plan WNMSCE (White Noise Mind Suggestion Combat Experimentation). I have three of Professor Malleus's team doing what I need to get done and hope to show some concrete results soon. I had the engineers make it so the WN can be either triggered from the control center or at the local security consoles. The password to these consoles is "UIY2249".

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