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This is a transcript for dialogue with Alphonse Almodovar during Trouble on the Homefront.

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CGTransitionTopic CGTransitionTopic Neutral 50 All right. Just remember one thing. We need a doctor, not a deadbeat. Fail to meet my expectations, and there will be repercussions. 1
CGTransitionTopic Neutral 50 You are to mend broken bones, prescribe medications, and see to the health of my residents. These "experiments" are a waste of time! 2
CGTransitionTopic Neutral 50 It's time for you to go home. Tell your father I want to see him in my office first thing in the morning. Amata, I want to talk to you. Now. 3
CGTransitionTopic Neutral 50 What are you looking at? Stop gawking and get back to work. Selfish and insubordinate, just like your father… 4
GREETING GREETING Neutral 15 Our business is finished. Please leave immediately. {Firm} 5
GREETING Disgust 10 Well, I see you've returned. 6
Disgust 25 Done with the dust and ruins of the Wasteland, are you? Given up looking for daddy? Thought you could just slink back in, like a teen missing curfew? 7
Neutral 50 Well, that's too bad. You have no future in this Vault. You're tainted. 8
GREETING Anger 75 You just couldn't let us live in peace, could you? You couldn't have a home, so you've decided to destroy ours. 9
GREETING Sad 50 Can't you just leave me and my Vault to die in peace? 10
GREETING Disgust 25 Aren't you supposed to be leaving? 11
GREETING Disgust 75 I just heard about your so-called "solution." I should have you killed where you stand. 12
Disgust 75 But obviously, we simply can't kill a Wasteland monster like you. The best we can do is offer you a sacrifice to send you on your way. {Barely repressed hatred that he has to deal with the person who killed his daughter, but knows he can't kill the player.} 13
Sad 25 At least with you gone, our home can return to some semblance of peace, even if it came at a tragic cost. 14
GREETING Happy 25 I hear that you've had a little chat with our rebellious elements. It seems I underestimated your persuasive skills. 15
Happy 10 I applaud your restraint. Violence only weakens our community, and now is no time for weakness. 16
Disgust 10 Once again, there is a firm hand in control, and all will be well in Vault 101. I suppose you'll want some sort of payment for your aid. 17
GREETING Sad 50 I told you to leave me here. This is my fate for failing the people of my Vault. 18
Anger 50 Now go! See if you can keep a few of them alive out there! 19
GREETING Disgust 5 What do you want? 20
MS16AboutOther The rebels are upset because you lied to them about the outside. Anger 25 They have to understand that we did that to keep them from going outside and getting killed. 21
Sad 25 To keep them from making the same mistake our generation did when we were their age. {Cracks in the cold facade, showing regrets for some past mistakes} 22
Sad 50 Some of us already lost loved ones out there long ago. We won't lose any more today. 23
Why are they rebelling? Sad 25 I just don't know. Don't they realize how dangerous it is out there? {Momentarily crestfallen at the sense of betrayal by his daughter} 24
Disgust 50 But instead, they would throw away the safety of the Vault's isolation, just to follow in your footsteps. 25
Anger 25 I can't allow them to do that to themselves, or to the rest of us. 26
The Vault's life support systems have failed. We need to evacuate immediately. Surprise 75 What?! This is terrible! The vault will become uninhabitable! 27
Surprise 50 How the hell can this be happening? 28
MS16Evacuate2A Now you don't have the option to stay hidden in the Vault. Anger 75 How many of them do you think will survive out there? They're already in a panic, and running out to their death! 29
Anger 90 But you won't be joining them outside. I'll see to that myself! 30
MS16Evacuate2B One of the rebels did it to force everyone to leave. I tried to stop them. <Lie.> Sad 50 Why? Why would they throw away their home, just to die outside in that miserable wasteland? Was I really so terrible an overseer? 31
Sad 75 I must have pushed them too hard, made the unknown seem too tempting. And now I've failed them. Their deaths will be my fault. 32
Sad 10 Please, help a few of them stay alive out there. And say goodbye to my daughter for me. 33
Sad 75 I'll stay with the Vault. It was my responsibility, and my failure. 34
MS16GoodbyeForever I'm going, I'm going. Disgust 10 Good. I'd hate if one of our more overzealous guards misconstrued your delay as an act of rebellion or sabotage of our vault. 35
MS16NotLeaving I've changed my mind. I'm staying here, and you can't stop me. Happy 15 Actually, I suspect that's worth testing. 36
Anger 50 Security! Do away with this intruder! 37
You know, I just don't care anymore. Let me leave and I'll never come back. Disgust 50 As I always suspected. You never cared about the Vault. Now that you've been outside, you're nothing more than a ignorant savage. 38
Disgust 25 But by all means, feel free to see yourself out. I'm sure you know the way. 39
MS16OptionsSolution I believe I have the solution to the Vault's problems. Happy 5 To fix what you started? Go ahead and humor me. {Almost amused.} 40
MS16OptionsSolutionExit On second thought, I'm not sure. Disgust 25 Of course you aren't. {Not surprised, and happy not to be.} 41
I'll put a stop to the rebels. Just let me have a word with them. Neutral 50 Hmm. You always have held a certain sway with them that neither I nor my guards have enjoyed. 42
Happy 25 All right, then. Go to my daughter and convince her to leave this rebellious nonsense behind. 43
I'm working on stopping the rebels. Give me a little more time. Neutral 50 All right, but I expect results. Get to work. 44
The rebels are right. You need to open the Vault. Disgust 50 Oh, do you? What makes you think you know how better to protect this Vault? 45
MS16OptionsStopYou2A You simply don't have enough people to stay isolated down here forever. Fear 35 I admit, in the 200 years since the war, our numbers have dwindled a little. But we have enough genetic diversity for... a few more generations. {Slowly realizing you're right and he's wrong.} 46
Fear 50 My God, you're right. We won't last another hundred years, whether or not we get supplies from the outside. 47
Sad 50 We're the last bastion of pure humanity, and we're doomed. 48
You'll never survive down here, isolated from the rest of the world. Fear 35 The mission of this Vault has always been to ensure a safe haven for pure humans. We owe it to our species to keep to that mission. 49
MS16OptionsStopYou2B You can't even keep your security in line. They're planning to raid the rebels. Anger 50 Damnit, I told them I won't let this degenerate into violence again! The Vault simply can't take the instability anymore! 50
Sad 50 But maybe you're right. They simply can't stand the pressure anymore, and now the purity and perfection of my Vault is crumbling all around me. 51
MS16OptionsStopYou2C I'll find a way to convince you, just wait. Disgust 35 I deeply doubt it. But your naive ramblings do have a certain entertainment value. 52
Humanity isn't about pure genetics. It's about never giving up hope, even now. Sad 35 I wish I could share your optimism. But I suppose you have a point, in your blathering way. {A contemptuous "harrumph" at the beginning} 53
Sad 25 My way won't save our Vault's mission. But if I let them contact the outside world, I might be able to save its inhabitants. 54
Sad 15 But I'm not the one to lead them in that. I'm stepping down as Overseer. I'll tell Amata that I can think of no more appropriate leader than she. 55
The only mission your Vault ever had was keeping its residents alive. Anger 35 And you expect me to believe that the only way to do that is to let them travel out in the Wastes and mingle with those savages? {A contemptuous "harrumph" at the beginning} 56
Neutral 50 I suppose it would allow them to stay alive, and we could still keep the Vault as our safe haven. But it'd require a new type of leader. 57
Anger 15 And I know only one person with the proper attitude to do that. I'll inform my daughter Amata that she is the new Overseer, effective immediately. {Making an executive decision} 58
I still owe you for Jonas. Now shut up and die, you son of a bitch. Disgust 50 I expected nothing less from you. 59
MS16OverseerDad1A At least my father didn't hide from the outside his whole life. Disgust 10 No, but he didn't risk bringing you out into it, either. 60
Happy 10 You have to wonder, is that why he left you behind? He wanted to know you were someplace safe? 61
Disgust 50 And then, like a fool, you squandered the greatest gift he ever left you. {Deliberately cruel} 62
MS16OverseerDad1B Yeah, he was an asshole, all right. We're all better off without him. Surprise 50 I'm glad we're in agreement, there. He left us all behind and caused quite a deal of trouble, all because he apparently got tired of the Vault. 63
Neutral 50 As useful as his services were, in the end, he just wasn't willing to make sacrifices for the community. 64
MS16OverseerViolenceShortcut And you're dead. Disgust 50 I expected nothing more from you. 65
MS16OverseerWelcome1A Tainted? You're the crazy bastard who murdered Jonas! Disgust 10 I assume you're talking about the unpleasantness when you left, yes? 66
Neutral 50 Jonas and your father were endangering the future success of this Vault and the safety of its residents. 67
Anger 25 I did what I had to do to keep them from destroying all we had achieved here. I only wish I could have prevented it from happening at all. {Honestly not happy with what he had to do, but certain that it was required} 68
Returning to stay in the safety of the Vault is reward enough. Happy 35 Did you really think you would be allowed to stay? Yes, you've saved the Vault, to be sure. And, thus, probably the last pure humans in the world. 69
Disgust 35 All the more reason to keep you from returning to our community and polluting it with the taint of outside barbarism. 70
Anger 35 Now, reconsider your request and pick a reward you can take with you when you return outside, wastelander. 71
MS16OverseerWelcome1B With your leadership, no one in this Vault has much of a future. Surprise 10 That would be where you're wrong, young man. By locking down this Vault, I'm protecting its future. 72
Anger 25 In fact, I was protecting its future when I had to make those unpleasant choices the night you and your father abandoned us. 73
Sad 25 I only wish I could have stopped your father before he left. If anyone's to blame for the unpleasantness, it's him. 74
I'll take my payment in food and ammo. Disgust 35 Ah, of course. The basic currency of a lawless society. Maybe you'd like a few pointed sticks and fighting dogs, as well? 75
Disgust 5 We don't have much ammunition down here, but we should be able to spare some packaged meals. 76
Disgust 35 Here, perhaps it'll be of some comfort to you once you return to the Wastes. Now, go. 77
MS16OverseerWelcome1C Lay off the evil banter. I'm just curious about your side of all this. Surprise 50 Really? And here I had expected you to be full of bullets and bravado, but short on brains. Perhaps you've grown up since you left our Vault. 78
Sad 25 I regret the unfortunate events of that night, but I'm afraid that once your father left us, they were unavoidable. 79
Neutral 50 The sad truth is that his actions presented a real and direct threat to the future success of our Vault. And so, regrettably, they had to be opposed. {Sincerely regrets the action, but also sincerely convinced it was necessary} 80
I'll take your G.E.C.K., and whatever technology you can spare. Disgust 10 I'm afraid that, instead of a G.E.C.K., our Vault was supplied with technology better suited to functioning indefinitely. 81
Surprise 5 But take this Modified Utility Jumpsuit. It seems the rebels thought it would be useful when they left. Obviously, that won't be happening now. 82
Neutral 50 Thank you for saving our Vault. Now, you'll have to leave. {Formal and brusque to the point of being rude.} 83
I'll take scientific equipment. That's one thing you've got plenty of. Happy 5 I think we may have just the thing, taken from the rebels not long ago. Edwin Brotch modified a utility jumpsuit for "survival in the Wastes." 84
Disgust 5 It was a foolish idea, but that seems par for the course for them. I suppose they'd be happy to think it found its intended use, eventually. 85
Anger 25 But enough of that. Thank you for saving our Vault. Now, you'll have to leave. {Brusque and formal.} 86
MS16OverseerWelcome2A I'm sick of your lies! You murdered Jonas in cold blood! Sad 10 First of all, I didn't kill Jonas. I commanded Chief Hannon to do so. But only because it had to be done. 87
Disgust 25 Jonas was going to leave with your father. If he left, others would have left to join them. And they'd all vanish into the Wastes, never to return. 88
Neutral 50 And with our numbers so depleted, we wouldn't be able to last beyond another generation. Assuming our expatriates didn't lead Raiders to us, first. 89
I'll never leave Vault 101 again in my life. Disgust 25 I really don't recommend that sort of ultimatum. If you leave now, we can simply lock down the door controls and everyone can be happy. 90
Disgust 50 But if you insist, we can always toss your corpse out the gate after you're killed. 91
Neutral 50 The choice is yours. Goodbye. 92
MS16OverseerWelcome2B Don't try to justify your murders and lies. They were never threats. Surprise 50 Spoken like someone who's never had to make difficult decisions. Like someone who's never had to lead. 93
Sad 25 Jonas was leaving with your father. Their departure would lead to others leaving as well. And before you know it, half of the Vault would be gone. 94
Sad 40 And then, our home - the last safe, pure bastion of humanity - would be reduced to a lonely handful of aging hold-outs, too few to continue. 95
Please, pass along my farewell to everyone in the Vault. Sad 25 I will. I know there are some that will miss you, much as there are still some that miss your father. {Actually somewhat touching.} 96
Sad 10 Not me, of course, but some of the others. Sentimental fools. But, you've restored peace to the Vault, and in that way, you're a hero. {Whiplash back from being touching.} 97
Neutral 50 And you have to leave. Thank you, and goodbye, Wastelander. 98
MS16OverseerWelcome2C What do you mean by the Vault's "future success"? Happy 40 Ah, you're paying attention. Good for you. 99
Happy 10 These Vaults were designed to be safe havens for humanity, you see. But more than that, they were designed to test and protect us. 100
Happy 25 And none more so than our Vault 101. We are to be a pure and protected breed of humans, never tainted by the ravages of the war above. 101
Fine. You bastards can rot and die down here. Disgust 25 Spoken with all of the eloquence I'd expect from a wastelander. 102
Disgust 50 Farewell, and feel free to enjoy your brutal hellscape above, savage. 103
MS16OverseerWelcome2D Do you have any idea why my father left the Vault in the first place? Sad 10 I've spent many nights asking myself exactly that. He certainly didn't tell me before he left. 104
Disgust 10 I blame myself, really. I should have known better than to let him enter our home in the first place. He certainly showed his true colors in the end. 105
Disgust 25 Were he raised in the cleanliness of our Vault, perhaps your father would have shown more dedication to the important things in life. 106
Disgust 50 Just as well that he left. We mustn't let humanity's last pure specimens be sullied with his type. {Special disgust on the line "his type".} 107
MS16OverseerWelcome3A It won't ever be pure while you're in charge. Happy 15 Hardly. If anything, the only thing keeping it safe and pure is my strict supervision. {Dismissive scoff at the beginning} 108
Disgust 50 But I wouldn't expect you to understand. You were never really one of us, anyway. Your father was from the Wastes, and that's where you belong. 109
Anger 25 I think our meaningful discussion is at an end. I'm going to have to ask you to leave and never return. But death's always an option, too. 110
MS16OverseerWelcome3B You're not protecting your people, you're destroying them. Can't you see that? Anger 10 I'm afraid you're the shortsighted one, here. I'm simply keeping them safe and untouched by the war above. 111
Anger 40 The real danger are the rebels and insurgents who insist on risking all of our lives just to die out there in the Wastes. 112
Happy 40 If they weren't trying to throw our lives away like that, we could go back to the peaceful life we once had. Everyone would be happy again. 113
MS16OverseerWelcome3C The Vault doesn't have to be isolated in order to keep its residents safe. Anger 50 And what makes you so certain about that? I can't imagine you're still so naive after spending time in that hell outside. 114
Neutral 50 None of them know what the outside is like, and most of them would die out there. Then the rest of us inside would eventually die out, too. 115
Neutral 50 I won't risk all of our lives just for few people's passing fancy of taking a Wasteland vacation. I hope you can understand that. 116
MS16OverseerWelcome3D I think you've got a good point. But things still need to change down here. Surprise 50 I'm trying to save my people. Possibly the only pure, safe humans left in the world. 117
Neutral 50 Don't destroy humanity's last chance just because you don't like the choices I've had to make to protect it. 118
MS16OverseerWelcome3E I had no idea Vault 101 was so important. I just thought it was a fancy bunker. Surprise 50 No, the Vaults have been so much more. But only the Overseers have known the truth, and we've passed it down very carefully. 119
Neutral 50 I had hoped to tell Amata when she took over, but with the way things are now, that doesn't seem likely to happen. 120
Neutral 50 But if you could convince her and the rebels to give up this foolish demand to leave, then we can return to our Vault's vital mission. 121
SpeechChallengeFailure One of the rebels did it to force everyone to leave. <Lie> Anger 50 Even they aren't foolish enough to destroy their homes just to prove a point. It could only have been you! {dramatic pause before the last "you".} 122
Anger 25 How many of them do you think will survive out there? Still, better a few of them stay alive out there than have them all die down here. 123
Anger 75 The evacuation will begin immediately. But you won't be joining them outside. I'll see to that myself! 124
I know that the vault's been open before, and that you lied about its isolation. Anger 75 The previous Overseers were idiots, and we nearly died because of their naivete. I'm simply trying to make up for their mistakes. 125
Anger 25 In a generation or two, no one will remember it ever happened, and we'll still be the safest, purest humans left. 126
Anger 50 But for that to happen, we can't let ourselves be further tarnished by outsiders. {Very sinister.} 127
You simply don't have enough people to stay isolated down here forever. Anger 35 We can make more. That's what humanity does. It survives. 128

Conversation Edit

GOODBYE I'll see what I can do. Disgust 15 Of course. 129
I have to go. Now. Disgust 50 Yes, I should say that you do. 130
I have to go now. Anger 25 I have no doubt that we shall. No doubt at all. 131
I have to go now. Anger 25 We certainly shall. In time, everything will be solved. {A little sinister.} 132
I have to go now. Disgust 5 Harrumph. {Aloof and dismissive harrumph/snorting noise.} 133
MS16OverseerStepsDown01 MS16OverseerStepsDown1 Sad 10 Amata... Everyone... Listen closely. After a discussion with your friend, I've made an important decision. {Tense, a little sad. Overseer hesitates slightly before saying "friend", and says it like a nasty word.} 134
MS16OverseerStepsDown02 MS16OverseerStepsDown2 Neutral 10 In my attempts to keep us all safe, I have been, perhaps, overzealous. 135
MS16OverseerStepsDown03 MS16OverseerStepsDown3 Sad 25 Lives have been lost, but perhaps worse than that, lives have been stopped. And in my attempts to keep you safe, I have kept you from growing up. {Emphasis on "stopped" in comparison to "lost".} 136
MS16OverseerStepsDown04 MS16OverseerStepsDown4 Anger 10 I know I have made these mistakes. And I would make them again if I had to do so. 137
MS16OverseerStepsDown05 MS16OvserseerStepsDown5 Sad 25 That is why I cannot remain your Overseer. 138
MS16OverseerStepsDown07 MS16OvserseerStepsDown7 Happy 25 Amata, I appoint you Overseer in my place. You've proven you have what it takes to make hard choices for the good of the Vault. {Beamingly proud} 139
MS16OverseerStepsDown08 MS16OvserseerStepsDown8 Sad 50 I'm just sorry I didn't understand that earlier. Consider it one of many mistakes I've made. 140
MS16OverseerStepsDown10 MS16OvserseerStepsDown10 Happy 10 You're welcome, my dear. Now, if you'll excuse me, I feel quite worn down. 141
MS16OverseerStepsDown11 MS16OverseerStepsDown11 Happy 25 We'll deal with the details soon, in private. Until then, I'm sure there are people waiting to congratulate you. {Proud, but tired.} 142
MS16Overseers2 MS16Overseers2 Happy 25 Yes. You're right, of course. It was a mistake to let the doctor into our home, but we'll soon recover from his treatment. {Slightly amused at his own joke.} 143
MS16Overseers2 Disgust 25 Indeed. As much as it seemed a good idea at the time, we should never have taken that doctor into our world. {Slightly amused at his own joke.} 144

Combat Edit

AcceptYield AcceptYield Surprise 15 Good. Perhaps there's some semblance of civility left in you, after all. {A little surprised} 145
Assault Assault Disgust 50 So, you really are just a rabid cur, aren't you? {Disgusted by the player's violence. But not surprised by it.} 146

Detection Edit

CombatToLost CombatToLost Disgust 50 Go ahead and hide like the rat you are. 147

Radio Edit

CG04EmergencyBroadcast CG04EmergencyBroadcast Neutral 50 This is the Overseer. 148
CG04EmergencyBroadcast Neutral 50 All residents of Vault 101 are hereby confined to their quarters. 149
CG04EmergencyBroadcast Neutral 50 The Radroach infestation is under control. Do NOT interfere with vault security personnel. 150
CG04EmergencyBroadcast Neutral 50 Any resident found outside his or her quarters will be dealt with. Severely. 151
CG04EmergencyBroadcast Neutral 50 That is all. 152
MS16EmergencyBroadcast MS16EmergencyBroadcast Anger 50 Any vault resident seen associating with the so-called "Rebels" will be detained, questioned, and disciplined appropriately. 153
MS16EmergencyBroadcast Anger 75 Order WILL be restored. Discipline WILL be restored. Vault security personnel have been authorized to use deadly force if necessary. 154
MS16EmergencyBroadcast Sad 50 Don't let it come to that. Haven't you always been happy? Haven't we always been a… a family? 155
MS16EmergencyBroadcast Sad 50 Amata... Stop this madness. You're disrupting everyone's life, everyone's happiness. Come home. Just… come home. 156
MS16EmergencyBroadcast Happy 50 And everything can be the way it was. 157
RadioHello RadioHello Neutral 50 This is the Overseer. 158
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