Overseer's log - Flatwoods is a holotape in Fallout 76. It was recorded by the Vault 76 overseer.


The tape can be found in the overseer's cache trunk at the Responders command and trading post to the right of the church's entrance in Flatwoods.



The Overseer: Overseer's log. Town of Flatwoods. My God... there's no one here. The old tavern, the church. People were using them for shelter, but... they're gone. Mutations we expected, but there's something else... a disease. I was attacked by... well, it used to be a person. But it had these green, glowing lesions. And its voice... Angry, tortured. "We are one." One what? Whatever happened here is beyond anything we expected. And we expected a lot. Before they were wiped out, the survivors called themselves the Responders. Looks like they were made of firefighters, police, emergency medical staff. They even have an automated system to teach people about treating water, food, survival. I'm doing their tests, and you should too. I know it's even worse than we imagined. But someone's got to know where the missile silos are and how to secure them. The Responders are the best lead we have. This is the Overseer, signing off.

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