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Overseer's journal fragment is a series of paper notes in Fallout: New Vegas. All four parts are found in Vault 34.


  • Note 1 can be found on the Vault's first floor, in the small compartment to the right just as you enter through the main gear door.
  • Note 2 can be found on the Vault's first floor, in the room with three ghouls and a gas leak near the transitional door to the Armory.
  • Note 3 can be found in the Vault's security station, next to the security terminal that unlocks the Overseer's wing.
  • Note 4 can be found in the Vault's reactor, on a machine box behind the Overseer's desk.


Page 64

... population continues to grow unhindered. With the overcrowding came violence, it was nothing at first, but quickly escalated with the open access to firearms in the armory. The armory door was not, at the time, connected to the main system and could not be locked; so I placed guards at the armory door to prevent some of the more troublesome residents from obtaining weapons. There was some opposition to this, but the majority of the residents seemed to agree...

Page 65

... real trouble began when a fair number of residents began to call for population control. Foreseeing the issue spiraling out of control I ordered one of the technicians to hook up a locking mechanism linking the armory door to the terminal in my office. The news of the armory being closed off angered a sizable group of residents, they stated it was their right to defend themselves and demanded that they be given access to the armory once more, and I of course denied this request...

Page 66

... riots begin soon after; during the peak of the violence the group calling for free access to the armory stormed the vault's exit and left. The door was sealed after them and additional guards were stationed at the exit; this proved to be a grave mistake. With the additional guards at the exit there were fewer to patrol the halls, none of them were prepared for the group that ambushed the armory. The guards were able to defend their position, but not before the damage was done, during the fight, one of the reactors cooling vents was damaged.

Page 67

... fighting settled slightly following the announcement of the damage to the reactor before panic overtook the vault's residents. The technicians struggled to repair the damage to the reactor and main computer systems. We learned too late that as part of an automatic safety protocol the reactor had been reconfigured to use alternative pipe lines for its cooling systems, unfortunately with the damage to the mainframe the system was unable to detect the structural damage to the vault. Radioactive gasses pumped through the broken pipes and irradiated the vault. On top of it all, we cannot open the vault's main door. All systems appear to be on autopilot and manual override functions have been disabled. We'll just have to hope we can survive long enough for the door to open automatically...