Overseer's journal, entry 5 is a holodisk in Fallout 76.


Can be found in Evan's house in Welch, during Personal Matters.



The Overseer: Overseer's personal journal.

Vault 76 was built to take the best and brightest, but... that wasn't what all the Vaults were for. The Societal Preservation Program. I wasn't supposed to know about it, but when I found out... Evan wanted me to tell the press, but... I didn't.

Yes, experimenting on Vault residents was ethically wrong, but the goal of finding the most suitable people to repopulate, to understand humanity pushed to the extremes, what if that was the only way for us to survive? We can't save everyone. That's what they always told us. And I thought... I still think... they were right. Vault-Tec found out that I knew. I thought I was going to be fired, or arrested, but instead they confided in me. Vault 76 was going to be a control Vault. No experiment.

I was so relieved, but... they told me I was going to be assigned to Vault 101, in Washington DC. I had to leave West Virginia... my people... behind. I couldn't let them do that. No matter what it took. I'm so sorry, Evan. I wish I could say I would've made another choice. That I would've picked dying in this house together when the bombs fell. I never stopped thinking about you, and I'm not giving up until I find out what happened. If you're not here, then there's only one other place you'd want to be. The mines.

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