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Overseer's journal, entry 4 is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The tape can be found at Vault-Tec University, on the desk of a classroom on the third floor of the central building, during Personal Matters.


The Overseer: Overseer's personal journal.

Four years of living, learning, and breathing Vault-Tec. Graduating with honors in the Overseer track. Dad was so proud. He came out even though he was already so sick. I must have impressed the right people, because I was offered the next available Overseer slot. I had just graduated! It was supposed to take years. Maybe they knew the War was inevitable. When I learned that 76 was going to be built, I was so excited I jumped right out of my chair and did a little dance around the living room. Appalachia would be safe, no matter what happened.

Evan chose that moment to propose, that lughead. He knew I wouldn't say no after hearing the news. He knew me better than anyone... Dad died a few months after Evan and I moved in together. He really wanted to walk me down the aisle. Well, I didn't really get to walk down there, either, so... *cough as tears well up, then sigh* I think it's time I went home. I owe Evan that much.


Formerly, this tape was found on the upstairs landing of the central building upon entering from the main doors. It was moved in an unknown update.[clarification needed]