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The overseer's cache is a container in Fallout 76.


They have been left by the overseer of Vault 76 as she has traveled across Appalachia during her mission. She has left her holotape logs for the player character to listen to as they track her. She has also left plans, ammo, food and water in each cache to help the player character survive.

They are similar in appearance to the player character's stash boxes but are olive green and have a yellow Vault-Tec logo on the top.


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Location Holodisk Plans Creation Kit ID Base ID
Abbie's bunker Overseer's log - Free States 06_FreeStates 00511b8a
Camp McClintock Overseer's log - McClintock Large Water Purifier
Water Pump
10_CampMcClintock 00511b87
Camp Venture Overseer's log - Camp Venture - 08_CampVenture 00511b95
Charleston Overseer's log - Charleston - 07_Charleston 00511b97
Charleston Fire Department Overseer's log - Firehouse - 04_Firehouse 00511b8e
Flatwoods church Overseer's log - Flatwoods Vault-Tec Cardboard Standees
Water Pump
02_Flatwoods 00511b88
Fort Defiance Overseer's log - Allegheny - 09_Allegheny 00511b8c
Fort Defiance Overseer's log - Fort Defiance - 11_Defiance 00511b8b
Grafton Overseer's log - Grafton Vault Boy
Vault Girl
Vault-Tec jumpsuit
X2_Grafton 00511b91
Morgantown Airport terminal Overseer's log - Morgantown Safety Posters
VTU Statue
Water Pump
03_Morgantown 00511b90
Overseer's camp Overseer's log - C.A.M.P. - 01_OverseersCamp 00130eec
Site Alpha Overseer's log - Site Alpha - X4_SugarGrove 00511b8d
Site Bravo Overseer's log - Site Bravo Vault Girl x2 X1_MonongahNukeSilo 00511b8f
Site Charlie Overseer's log - Site Charlie - X5_SpruceKnobNukeSilo 00511b92
Top of the World Overseer's log - Top of the World Water Pump 05_TopOfTheWorld 00511b89
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