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Overseer's armor is a set of armor in Fallout 4.


Overseer's armor is unique wearable apparel. It is a pair of heavy combat armor armguards that afford slightly higher than normal Damage Resistance and Energy Resistance along with Legendary armor effects. The left armguard comes with the VATS enhanced effect, which reduces the amount of AP used by VATS attacks by 10%. The right armguard provides the sentinel effect, which reduces incoming damage by 15% while the Sole Survivor is standing still.


  • Overseer's left armguard
  • Overseer's right armguard


Overseer's left armguard

  • 10% reduction in Action Point costs in VATS
  • Damage Protection: 21
  • Energy Protection: 21
  • Radiation Protection: 0
  • Weight: 8.7
  • Mods: Fiberglass, Stabilized
  • Value: 6,282 caps

Overseer's right armguard

  • Reduces damage while standing and not moving by 15%
  • Action Points + 5
  • Damage Protection: 22
  • Energy Protection: 22
  • Radiation Protection: 0
  • Weight: 7.1
  • Mods: Polymer, Ultra-light
  • Value: 6,300 caps