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Overseer's Most Wanted is a side quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Vault-Tec Workshop.

Quick walkthrough

Vault-Tec Workshop radiant quest: Overseer's Most Wanted
Build the Vault-Tec Population Management System and select the access VIP tracker option.
Choose a companion.
Using the tracker, find the companion.
Reward: The location of any companion.

Detailed walkthrough

This 'quest' is given through the Vault-Tec Population Management System, which allows, apart from other things, to track companions by marking them as quest objectives. Once a marker is activated for a companion, this quest will begin, ending once they are found. This is particularly helpful for tracking down companions 'misplaced' during travels. More than one marker can be active at a time.

Quest stages

101 Cait
102 Curie
103 Danse
104 Deacon
105 Dogmeat
106 Hancock
107 MacCready
108 Nick Valentine
109 Piper
110 Preston Garvey
111 Strong
112 X6-88
113 Ada
114 Old Longfellow
115 Gage
200Quest finishedQuest Completed



PCPC Unless the player character manually deselects the quest in the Pip-Boy, when they attempt to "shut off the tracker" it will remain active, and not allow new quests to be selected automatically.[verified]