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The Overseer scouted ahead. Find her logs.

Overseer's Mission is a side quest in Fallout 76. With the return of the Vault 76 overseer in the Wastelanders update, it can be completed.


The Vault 76 overseer made holotape recordings as she made her way through Appalachia. The residents can collect them all, learning of the obstacles she faced and finding hints on how to overcome them themselves.


The player character needs to collect all the holotape logs left behind by the overseer of Vault 76 in her primary quest to secure Appalachia's three nuclear missile silos.

There are 18 holotapes whose names start with "Overseer's log." The first one, overseer's log - Vault 76, can be ejected from the overseer's office terminal in Vault 76, or can be received from Pennington after exiting Vault 76.

Collecting the 17 other holotapes completes a challenge and are the only tapes necessary for this quest. With two exceptions, these holotapes are always found in an overseer's cache. Whenever a player character comes within the vicinity of a holotape, an objective marker will appear. The player character does not need to pick up the holotapes in order but the narrative will make more sense if they do.

In probable chronological order, the holotapes are:

  1. Overseer's log - Vault 76 - At the overseer's console within Vault 76 or obtained from Pennington outside the vault's entrance.
  2. Overseer's log - C.A.M.P. - The Overseer's camp south of Vault 76 during the quest First Contact. This was changed to getting it from Duchess at The Wayward during Wayward Souls after the release of Wastelanders.
  3. Overseer's log - Flatwoods - In the church that serves as the Responders' command and trading post in Flatwoods, to the right of the entrance.
  4. Overseer's log - Morgantown - Near the Responders HQ terminal on the second floor of the Morgantown Airport terminal.
  5. Overseer's log - Firehouse - In the reception area of the Charleston Fire Department.
  6. Overseer's log - Top of the World - At Top of the World in front of the elevator doors.
  7. Overseer's log - Free States - Outside the door to Abbie's bunker.
  8. Overseer's log - Camp Venture - At Camp Venture, in the command center.
  9. Overseer's log - Allegheny - In Fort Defiance, close to the third floor elevator.
  10. Overseer's log - McClintock - At Camp McClintock, in the main building.
  11. Overseer's log - Charleston - In the Charleston Capitol Building, in the lobby of the DMV area.
  12. Overseer's log - Fort Defiance - In Fort Defiance, close to the fourth floor elevator.
  13. Overseer's log - Grafton - In Grafton, right next to the Grafton mayor.
  14. Overseer's log - Site Alpha - Close to the elevator which descends into Site Alpha.
  15. Overseer's log - Site Bravo - Close to the elevator which descends into Site Bravo.
  16. Overseer's log - Site Charlie - At R&G Processing Services, near the Site Charlie elevator.
  17. Overseer's log - Nuke launch - Close to any of the previous three holotapes, after a player character on the server has nuked a target that isn't a fissure site.
  18. Overseer's log - Mountainside - The Mountainside Bed & Breakfast, north of Site Charlie, at a makeshift table outside the building (this holotape is not part of a cache.)

With the release of the Wastelanders update, the new objective once collecting all the holotapes is to speak with the overseer herself at her new home in Sutton. One option in dialogue with her allows the player characters to return the holotapes to her. This finally completes the quest and awards the player characters with 100 legendary scrip, 300 Caps, ammo, armor, and experience.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
?Quest finishedFollow the Overseer's journeyThe Overseer is scouting Appalachia looking for a way to secure the nuclear silos. I should look for any logs that she leaves behind.


Upon collecting all of the holotapes, 80 Atoms are provided as an additional reward for use in the Atomic Shop.

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