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An overseer is the leader of a Vault-Tec vault.


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The overseers were often aware of their vault's purpose as an experiment and helped coordinate it.[1] Overseers were chosen in a variety of ways, with initial leaders chosen before the war, and subsequent overseers afterward. In Vault 11, elections were held each year to choose a new overseer, who in turn would be killed as that year's "sacrifice."[2][3]

The overseer's role and extent of their authority varied from vault to vault; in one vault an overseer might serve in a purely advisory capacity,[4] while another vault might have an overseer with absolute control of every aspect of its residents' lives.[5] Dr. Stanislaus Braun distributed sealed orders to each vault's overseer in the weeks before the Great War. According to a letter addressed by Dr. Braun to the original overseer of Vault 101, disclosing the contents of those sealed orders to the vault's residents or deviating from the experiment were grounds for termination of employment from Vault-Tec.[6]

List of overseers

Name Vault Game Ref.
Albert Leris Vault 106 Fallout 3 [7]
Allen Mack Vault 101, potential Fallout 3 [8]
Alphonse Almodovar Vault 101 Fallout 3 [9]
Amata Almodovar Vault 101, potential Fallout 3 [10]
Baht Vault 81 Fallout 4 [11]
Brody Jones Vault 108 Fallout 3 [12]
Erik DeMarcos Vault 96 Fallout 76 [13]
Gabriella Salavar Vault 94 Fallout 76 [14][15]
George Stault Vault 3 Fallout: New Vegas [16]
Gwen McNamara Vault 81 Fallout 4 [17]
Hayes Vault 84 Fallout: The Board Game [Non-canon 1]
J. Hendricks Vault 22 Honest Hearts [18]
Jane Myers Vault 95 Fallout 4 [19]
Katherine Stone Vault 11 Fallout: New Vegas [20]
Lincoln Davis Vault 3 Fallout: New Vegas [21]
O. Olivette Vault 81 Fallout 4 [22]
Reuben Gill Vault 51 Fallout 76 [23]
Richard Rubin Vault 92 Fallout 3 [24]
Smith (fictional) Vault 1 (fictional) Fallout 76 [25]
Soup Can Harry Vault 114 Fallout 4 [26]
Stanislaus Braun Vault 112 Fallout 3 [27]
Tyrone Hayes Vault 94 Fallout 76 [4]
Valery Barstow Vault 88 Fallout 4
Vault 2 overseer (fictional) Vault 2 (fictional) Fallout 76 [25]
Vault 8 overseer Vault 8 Fallout 2 [28]
Vault 13 overseer Vault 13 Fallout [29]
Vault 34 overseer Vault 34 Fallout: New Vegas
Vault 76 overseer Vault 76 Fallout 76
Vault 111 overseer Vault 111 Fallout 4 [30]
Vault 118 overseer Vault 118 Fallout 4



Fallout 3

Fallout 4

Fallout 76


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