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For the Fallout Shelter achievement, see Overseer (achievement).

An overseer is the leader of a Vault-Tec vault. The overseers were often aware of their vault's purpose as an experiment and helped coordinate it.[1] The overseer's role and extent of their authority varied from vault to vault; in one vault an overseer might serve in a purely advisory capacity, while another vault might have an overseer with absolute control of every aspect of its residents' lives.

Dr. Stanislaus Braun distributed sealed orders to each vault's overseer in the weeks before the Great War. According to a letter addressed by Dr. Braun to the original overseer of Vault 101, disclosing the contents of those sealed orders to the vault's residents or deviating from the experiment were grounds for termination of employment from Vault-Tec.[2] This may have held true for the overseers of the other vaults. Many overseers were committed to their work, genuinely caring for their residents and the studies of their vaults, though others were heavyhanded and nigh-tyrannical in their work. A few, such as Braun, even deviated from their duties entirely for selfish, sometimes sadistic, reasons.

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