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The overdrive servos are a power armor leg mod in Fallout 4.


When installed on power armor, the overdrive servos increase Sprint speed at additional 25 Action Point cost. Action point cost increase is applied after sprinting cost is decreased by endurance (see endurance page for the details). So, if your Endurance is 21, you won't spend any Action points on sprinting with or without overdrive servos (and your core burning rate will be exactly as if you're just running, not sprinting).


In order to craft the overdrive servos, a power armor frame with the desired leg piece(s) attached must be installed at a power armor station.

Adhesive (see table)
Aluminum (see table)
Fiberglass (see table)
Nuclear material (see table)
Science! Rank 3
Overdrive servos (1)
Armor type Adhesive Aluminum Fiberglass Nuclear material
Raider 3 3 5 3
T-45 4 8 6 4
T-51 4 9 8 4
T-60 5 10 9 5
X-01 6 12 10 6


The overdrive servos are only available via crafting at a power armor station.

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