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Make it quick will ya, I'm coming down and I gotta get my fix.Paulie Cantelli

Overdose is an unmarked Fallout 3 quest.


Paulie is a chem addict. He is always begging for more and more chems, like Psycho and Buffout. The Lone Wanderer can give him Psycho for negative Karma.


If Paulie is given Psycho, the Lone Wanderer will be awarded bad Karma. Paulie will then go to an unused room on midship deck to use the Psycho, after which he will die from an overdose.


Negative Karma (-100) every time he is given Psycho.


  • Cindy Cantelli, Paulie's wife and owner of A Quick Fix, will be relieved when Paulie dies because she can finally make a profit off of her products due to Paulie no longer taking chems from her store.
  • Just one Psycho is enough to make Paulie overdose.
  • Giving Paulie additional Psycho before he reaches his destination will give the Lone Wanderer even more negative Karma.