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The overboss power armor is a unique set of raider power armor in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


The overboss power armor is a custom made suit of raider power armor built by Colter, with a bumper car electrical post attached to the back, allowing it to draw power from the Cola-cars arena. Its Achilles' heel, however, is its vulnerability to water while it is powered by the electrical grid in the arena. Contact with water shorts out the armor's circuits and removes the electricity for a short time before it powers back up. Removing the fusion core from the nearby fusion generator reduces power to the power armor, Gage takes notice of this.

The power armor is an upgraded version of raider power armor with added mesh wiring on all parts for the electricity to flow through. The chest, shoulders, and head are considerably bulked up with steel plating. The helmet is visually similar to a standard raider power armor helmet but with a more advanced visor and respirator, along with multiple flashlights mounted to the side.


Image Name Dam Resist Eng Resist Rad Resist Health Weight Value Limit Effect Mods ID
Overboss power helmet 220 220 150 80 14 80 None Yes xx00DC29
Overboss power torso 320 320 300 320 22 180 Deals energy damage to nearby enemies. Yes xx00DC2B
Overboss power left arm 170 170 150 80 16 130 None Yes xx00DC27
Overboss power right arm 170 170 150 80 16 130 None Yes xx00DC28
Overboss power left leg 170 170 150 80 17 130 None Yes xx00DC2C
Overboss power right leg 170 170 150 80 17 130 None Yes xx00DC2A
Total 1220 1220 1050 720 102 780 Deals energy damage to nearby enemies. Yes



This unique variant can be acquired in the Cola-cars arena, from Overboss Colter upon his defeat.


Overboss Power Armor pieces are extremely cheap to maintain, as each piece only requires 3 steel to be repaired.


  • Xbox OneXbox One Even if the armor is unbroken, it will display as having no weight when viewing Colter's inventory. Upon retrieving the armor pieces, the correct weight will be added. [verified]
  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Playstation 4Playstation 4 Modifying the helmet of this set to have a colored headlamp does nothing. The headlamp color will remain the default yellowish color. [verified]