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Over the Moon is a side quest in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Zetan Arsenal".


In farmlands untouched by progress, aliens known as Zetans descend on our planet, carrying with them powerful weapons made of unknown technology. For what purpose, no one knows. But watch the skies, and you may soon find out. Includes three out of this world weapons.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
10 Investigate the roads west of GraygardenThe roads in the Commonwealth can be dangerous for traders. I should check the routes near settled areas to make sure they're still viable.
15 Read the farmer's noteI found a dead body on a bridge by the river. There's a note on his person that might shed some light on what happened.
4 Pick up Emma's keepsakeI've taken a brahmin's keepsake from its corpse.
40 Deliver Emma's keepsake back to the wild
30 Kill the alien invadersWhile delivering a brahmin's keepsake back to the wilderness, I've interrupted what appears to be an alien abduction.
90 Retrieve the alien weaponsI've killed the aliens who were attempting to abduct a brahmin. Given how powerful their technology is, it may be worth retrieving their weapons.
300Quest finishedQuest completeI've taken the keepsake of a brahmin back to the wilderness. While doing so, I interrupted what appeared to be an alien abduction. I managed to stop the aliens and confiscate their weapons. I then placed the brahmin keepsake by a patch of flowers.


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