Gametitle-FO3 OA
Gametitle-FO3 OA

The Outcast outpost terminal entries are stored in a very easy locked terminal found in Protector McGraw's chamber in the Outcast outpost. It has a couple of reports on it, and also an option to update the program, which gives an "Access Denied" message if attempted to be read.

Elevator controlEdit


Welcome to VSS, a Limited Liability Company

G - Ground LevelEdit

S1 - Sublevel OneEdit

S1 - Sublevel TwoEdit

VSS research terminalEdit


Virtual Strategic Solutions, Inc.

SIM-U-TEC Chamber 003

Latest ReportsEdit



Entry 0540

Sim back up and running after another few days of changes. Chase is running everyone ragged, making tweaks here and there. The sim is, without any shadow of a doubt, divorced from reality. I've never seen the classified military reports, but some of the stuff Chase has added to the sim? There's no way it happened like that.
Version 7-36-099 was scrapped after Chase decided his face didn't look just right. I realize progress reports aren't the place for this, but there are concerns that the man is losing it. No one confronts him because everyone is scared. After West-Tek dropped off the grid, there were lots of rumors about the military commandeering private contractors, and no one wants to give Chase a reason to do that here. But really, what's the point in running this sim over and over and over? Any tactical data was mined months ago.



Entry 0527

Sim version 7-36-081 was scrapped last week after Chase ran through it himself. Said it didn't "feel right." It was eventually determined he was referring to hardware issues, not anything to do with the software.

Techs have been making modifications on the chair, but some ongoing issues remain problematic. Requests to administration to provide detailed schematics and hardware history have been neglected. Questions about the particular external interface requirements remain unanswered. Techs will attempt to compensate.

Program UpdatesEdit



Secure access terminalEdit


Proper Authorization Required

Unlock Secure Access AreaEdit


> Access Granted. Proceed.

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