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Out of time is a holotape in Fallout 76.


Inside the Charleston Fire Department, on the second floor console in front of vendor bot Mack. It is only available while Final Departure is active and has not yet been completed.


Maria Chavez: Really? You're going to record this?

Leo Chase: You're damn right I am! I want Madigan to hear about this when he gets back. I want him to know what you're trying to pull here!

Melody Larkin: You are way the hell out of line, Chase!

Leo Chase: I'm out of line?! I ain't the one agreeing to send the Fire Breathers on a suicide mission without our best man!

Maria Chavez: That's enough! Both of you, stop it! Look... Leo... the reports, they're talking about a horde of Scorched on the other side of those mountains. You know as well as I do that sealing the tunnel's our best chance to stop them. Maybe our only chance. If the Fire Breathers don't move now, everyone dies. It's just a matter of when.

Leo Chase: We just need more time! He's coming back. I'm telling you, he'll be here! We just... need time.

Maria Chavez: We are out of time, Leo. Melody's going to lead the mission. She's got experience in this kind of thing, and I'd trust her with my life. With all our lives. Now turn off that damn recorder and do your duty, Fire Breather.

Leo Chase: Yes ma'am.