Well, if you wanna help the sport, I got a lead on a stash of prewar collector's items. Coach "Quitting is for Punks" Westing had an estate not too far from here. Legend says when he retired, the league presented him with a baseball, catcher's mitt, and playing card, signed by all the other coaches. See where I'm going with this? I'll pay 100 caps, each, for those relics. What d'ya say?Moe Cronin

Out in Left Field is a side quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Side quest: Out in Left Field
Ask Moe Cronin for work at the Diamond City market.
(Optional) Negotiate a better reward.
Travel to Westing Estate.
Find the signed baseball.
Find the signed catcher's mitt.
Find the signed baseball card.
Bring your discoveries back to Moe.
Reward: 100/125/150/200 caps per collectible item found
Reward: 150 XP

Detailed walkthroughEdit

  • When discussing the history of baseball, Moe tells the Sole Survivor he will pay 100 caps for each of the following baseball items: a signed baseball, signed catcher's mitt and signed baseball card. If the Sole Survivor's Charisma is high enough, they can convince Moe to raise the price higher 3 more times, raising the amount of caps that can be awarded after completing this quest. Each successive speech check will raise the reward for each item from 100 to 125 to 150 to 200 caps. Though after bargaining for 200 caps through dialogue, Moe will for some reason pay 300 caps apiece, for 900 total caps (possible bug).
  • All of the baseball equipment is located at Westing Estate, which is inhabited by leveled mirelurks.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
10 Find a Signed baseball, Signed catcher's mitt, and a Signed baseball card.Moe Cronin in Diamond City wants me to find three baseball relics said to have been left behind in the old Westing Estate.
20 Baseball acquired
30 Mitt acquired
40 Card acquired
50 Return to Moe CroninI've recovered all the baseball relics for Moe Cronin. Time to collect my reward.
100Icon checkQuest completeI recovered a set of baseball relics for Moe Cronin in Diamond City.
500Icon crossQuest failed - Moe deadMoe Cronin is dead. Whatever reward he would've given me for those baseball relics is gone with him.


  • Strong dislikes the Sole Survivor taking or rejecting this quest.


  • PCIcon pc Moe Cronin might not take the signed items when you select the dialogue. There are 2 solutions to this bug:
    • PCIcon pc Open the console and input setstage <00035d03> 100 to finish the quest, this will also allow you to drop or sell the signed items.
    • Though not necessarily a bug, Moe may not offer this quest if the 2076 World Series baseball bat is in the player's inventory as the needed conversation selection is replaced. The replacement topic is where the player character will attempt to offer the special bat to Moe, instead. Before approaching him in dialogue, temporarily give the bat to a companion, or drop it on the ground, initiate the quest dialogue or give him the quest items if already acquired, then retrieve the bat and sell that to him for unique dialogue.
  • PCIcon pc Playstation 4Icon ps4 Xbox OneIcon xboxone After completing this quest, the Sole Survivor may come back after a few days (specific time not verified) to ask him for the same job. You can also ask for more money to do the job. The glove, baseball and card are able to be found again in their original locations. The quest can be completed again. However, if one chooses to do this, another entry will be entered into the quest tab in the Pip-Boy. [verified]
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