Usually it isn't a problem, but this group was bigger than usual. We fought our way into Our Lady of Hope Hospital, hoping to find cover.Reilly

Our Lady of Hope Hospital is located near Vernon Square Station in the ruins of Washington, D.C. in the Capital Wasteland. It's a good source for medical supplies and explosives, and it plays a role in the quest Reilly's Rangers.


There are entrances to the hospital from the square as well as the dry sewer. A broadcasting antenna has fallen from the hospital onto the Statesman Hotel, and the only way to enter the hotel's upper floors is by using this antenna as a bridge.

Ground floor

The ground floor has a large number of super mutants, including at least 2 centaurs and 7 super mutant brutes. With the Broken Steel add-on, you may also encounter a large number of super mutant overlords throughout the building, most of which wield a tri-beam laser rifle or Gatling laser.

The terminal that controls the turret system is located in a room in the northeast corner of the hospital lobby.

On the east side of the first floor, there is an average locked closet. Unlocking the closet reveals a still-functioning Mister Handy, who will proceed to wander the halls and attack centaurs and super mutants, although they will quickly kill him. The closet also has 4 first aid boxes inside.

In the eastern hallway there is a rigged explosive baby carriage at the first ceiling lamp.

In the north end of the building in the lobby there are several super mutants, as well as several traps, including:

  • A frag mine next to four fire extinguishers atop a gurney.
  • A grenade bouquet in the men's bathroom rigged to a tripwire.
  • Both eastern bathrooms have microfusion cell traps built into one of the cisterns that will zap you if you drink from the toilet. Both hold plenty of microfusion cells.
  • A room to the north east has 2 working computers, the one closest to the door has a tell-tale rotating sensor atop it, and using the back plate of it reveals a frag grenade trap. This trap only activates when you attempt to use the front of the terminal.
  • On the top stair leading up to the second floor balcony are 2 frag mines. A super mutant will usually detonate these if he runs to attack you.

Notable loot

  • A pre-War book can be found on the western counter in the lobby/waiting room on the ground floor. This room is in the northwest corner of the map.
  • Two D.C. Journals of Internal Medicine. The first, in a room at the South East corner of the hospital ground floor. Turn northwest as you enter the room and it will be on a table next to the radio below the clock. The second is in the cafeteria on the second floor. You can access the second floor from the northwest corner of the main floor. Look on a circular table just north of a leaky gas pipe.
  • 48 drinking glasses on the 2nd level, the highest amount in a single section in the game.

Related quest


  • As you enter the large room with scaffolding, and super mutants in which appears to be what was once a waiting room, look up at the ceiling and notice that there is a hole in it. Shoot at the barrel poking out of it to make it fall out and stand back to watch a trail of skeletons and barrels fall to the ground. What's more amusing is that after everything has fallen out there appears to be a full skeleton hanging upside down by its leg out of the hole. When viewed at the right angle (or using tcl in the console), you can see another skeleton holding the dangling one up.
  • Upon entering near the front doors to the hospital, there are two mutants sometimes standing in the middle of the front lobby (one patrols but always returns to speak with the other eventually). They discuss how they have not found any of the "green stuff" on their search. This is a reference to the Forced Evolutionary Virus. When you speak with Reilly (leader of Reilly's Rangers) she mentions that the super mutants are around the hospital area in concentrated numbers as if they were searching for something. This is due to their efforts to locate more of the virus they once had at Vault 87 used to create their kind.
  • This place is one of the best sources of blood packs in the game.


Our Lady of Hope Hospital appears only in Fallout 3.


Playstation 3Icon ps3 When dropping multiple items at the same time within the hospital, items beyond the first do not drop as expected but instead appear in the first floor room with the frag grenade computer trap, wall safe and Vernon Square exit. [verified]


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