Otis Pike is Freddy Wood's uncle, found dead in Grafton Dam in 2102.


Otis Pike was an employee of Grafton Steel until shortly before the war, when they fired him for threatening to reveal their illegal dumping of toxic waste.[1] In response he anonymously contacted Quinn Carter of the Charleston Herald for an interview, but the bombs dropped before it could happen.[2] Still, he was successful in leaking Grafton Steel's malpractices to the media, as a significant number of reporters and protesters gathered outside of the Steel plant, to the point where the plant became nearly impossible to get into without being confronted by these protesters.

By completing the quest Cold Case, it is revealed that Otis is the brother-in-law of Grafton Steel executive Arthur Wood and the uncle of Arthur's son Freddy. After Otis was fired for inciting protests at Grafton Steel, he resorted to kidnapping Freddy by approaching him at Wavy Willard's Water Park and removing his KidSecure ID. He then took Freddy to Grafton Dam.

While Freddy was happy to go with his uncle at first, the young boy got on Otis's nerves. Freddy managed to escape his uncle, never aware of the potential danger he was in.[3] Otis remained in hiding at the dam on the day the Great War began. He ultimately met his end when Arthur, who found a note left by Freddy at home just before the boy was escorted to a vault, came to the dam and killed him.

Otis's body can be found in Grafton Dam, and although his body is unnamed, it is identifiable by the final page of his diary found on his corpse.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Diary of Otis Pike
Grafton Dam keys


Otis Pike appears only in Fallout 76.



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